CCleaner hits 2.5 billion downloads!

Here at CCleaner HQ, we’re celebrating because CCleaner has been downloaded 2.5 billion times worldwide!

We’d like to say a big THANK YOU to all our users. We couldn’t have hit this incredible milestone without you.

In celebration of this momentous occasion, we’re offering CCleaner Professional, which is our best-ever version of CCleaner, for half price! If you've been using CCleaner Free and haven't thought about upgrading, CCleaner Professional contains some additional features, such as automatic cleaning and updating. This 'set and forget' mode means your machine will stay clean, safe and fast without you having to think about cleaning. Our celebratory half-price offer runs until October 4th.

Anyway, back to 2.5 billion. Yes, it's a BIG number but for us, it’s not the most important number. Here are the five more numbers that we think define what CCleaner is all about:

That’s how many years we’ve been around (we’re technically still a teenager!).

Thanks to a legion of dedicated volunteers, our desktop version of CCleaner is translated into 55 languages and counting, so people spanning the globe can enjoy using clean, fast PCs.

That’s how many countries are in the world and that’s also how many countries we’ve been downloaded in. Yep, that’s every single one (even The Vatican!).

The average initial clean frees up about 3.5GB of disk space. Over the course of a year, CCleaner could free up 34GB of disk space on average (based on automated weekly cleaning). That’s enough space for around 500 music albums or 5,000 photos.

Across the globe, cleaning is most likely occur in the evenings when you return home from work, so at around 4-7 pm local time. In any given week across all timezones, the most popular time to clean is around 4pm on Wednesday (UK time). 

This exciting milestone makes the 30 or so of us in the CCleaner office very happy.

Thank you to you, our users, who made this possible.

The CCleaner Team


Sources: a) Passmark's performance report b) anonymous usage data that some users choose to share with us (thanks for sharing).

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