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Clean and monitor your Windows PCs from anywhere with CCleaner Cloud

Save time with the centrally managed business version of the award-winning PC optimizer that helps you clean and speed up Windows computers across your SMB organization.

No credit card required

CCleaner Cloud app interface
Simplify your IT maintenance

Simplify your IT maintenance

Clean and monitor all Windows PCs across your organization from a cloud console. Automate and schedule optimization tasks.

Forget tedious IT maintenance and free up your time for other business-critical IT projects.

Reduce your IT costs

Reduce your IT costs

Proactive and automated PC optimization decreases the number of IT support tickets.

Extend the life of Windows PC hardware, and get more work done without increasing the size of your IT team.

Increase business efficiency

Increase business efficiency

Optimized PCs help increase employee, IT, and business productivity.

Employees enjoy fewer work disturbances and IT is less hands-on as they can run all the group optimizations remotely.

CCleaner Cloud features images


Essential part of your IT toolbox.
Clean and monitor all Windows PCs across your organization, wherever you are.

  • Automate PC cleaning and fix windows registry

    Delete temp files, cache, cookies, and other junk files across all your managed PCs at your own schedule; scan and repair Windows registry for any obsolete or unwanted entries 

  • Clean multiple PCs in one go remotely

    Save time by cleaning, defragging and performing other optimization actions to a single PC, defined workgroup, or multiple PCs at once 

  • Monitor all your PCs from one place

    Optimize and maintain all your Windows PCs from a single online-based console

  • Install/Uninstall software remotely

    Remotely install and uninstall software across your network 

  • Detailed PC insights at your fingertips

    Get relevant Windows PC insights - hardware and software inventory, event logging - and receive alerts even before problems occur 

  • Generate quick reports on all your PCs

    Get detailed reports on PC performance across your organization

CCleaner Cloud is built for small businesses and service providers too

Small and Medium Business

Run day-to-day tasks from your desk.

If you're the IT department or doubling as go-to office tech support, CCleaner is here to help.

Service Providers

Boost your existing service offering.

Inject CCleaner Cloud automation into your existing service offering to save you time and money.

Try CCleaner Cloud for free, then choose a plan

Start 14-day free trial
  • Monthly subscription

    Cancel anytime
    $2.00 / PC

    Billed monthly

  • Annual subscription

    Save 17% annually
    $20.00 / PC

    Billed annually

Most popular FAQs

  • Will my data be secure?

    All data within CCleaner Cloud is encrypted and we use the following industry standards:

    • TLS 1.2 for communications
    • Encryption using AES_128_GCM
    • SHA256 algorithm for message authentication
    • ECDHE_RSA with P-256 as the key exchange mechanism
    • RSA Public Key (2048 bits)
    • All comms are sent using TCP/IP 443
  • What Operating Systems does CCleaner Cloud run on?

    You can clean and maintain 32 or 64-bit versions of Windows 11 or 10 (excluding Windows on Arm, in S mode, Mixed Reality, Mobile, IoT, Starter, and RT editions). To access the website, you need an up-to-date web browser.

  • Who is CCleaner Cloud for?

    IT Managers in small and medium size businesses and service providers. Anyone else managing more than 5 PCs can benefit from CCleaner Cloud.

    Currently, CCleaner Cloud supports only Windows OS.

  • How does CCleaner Cloud work?

    Simply install CCleaner Cloud Agent on each Windows computer you wish to manage, set up customized groups to help you organize your managed PCs, and start performing tasks via the cloud console. You can access your console wherever you are.

  • Why would I use CCleaner Cloud when I can use CCleaner desktop free version?

    CCleaner is free for all users using CCleaner at home on their personal PC. It is not free for use in a business environment or on a PC which is used for commercial purposes. CCleaner Cloud is designed for a business environment, and it offers extended benefits when managing more than 5 PCs. Using our cloud console you can now complete CCleaner actions across your PC network remotely and in one go. No need to rush from desk to desk.

    CCleaner Cloud provides customizable settings tailored to your specific business needs and offers in-depth insights at your fingertips - hardware and software inventory, event logging and more.

    Learn more by accessing our knowledge base here.

  • How can I purchase CCleaner Cloud?

    The easiest way to purchase CCleaner Cloud is to sign up for a free trial and complete a purchase directly from your account.

    If you require a Purchase Order, please contact us directly and we will issue the quote and start the purchase process.

  • Who should not use CCleaner Cloud?

    CCleaner Cloud is for businesses managing more than 5 PCs which run on Windows.

    If you are looking for CCleaner to use at your home, go to our consumer product page.

Want proof that our solutions work?

Download these PDFs for detailed information about how you and your business can benefit from CCleaner Cloud


CCleaner Cloud for business



Benefits of a clean PC



Extend PC life by two years


Ready to start?

Forget manual IT maintenance and get back the control over all the Windows PCs you manage

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