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Why is my laptop so slow?

Waiting for minutes while your laptop loads can be a frustrating process. When it’s brand new, a computer’s speed is usually top-notch. One or two years down the line, it wouldn’t be unusual for anyone to start asking their friends or begin hitting up their favorite search engine or forum with, “my laptop is very slow.” 

So before you bang the table and join the chorus of others asking, “Why is my laptop so slow?”, we’ve highlighted a few potential culprits and how to solve them.

1. Insufficient disk space

Perhaps you’ve overburdened your computer’s hard drive. This will make the laptop slow. To free up space, you should delete unnecessary files and uninstall applications you never use.

2. Running too many programs 

If you have a freezing cursor, a delayed shutdown procedure or unresponsive programs, you probably have too many applications running at the same time. Similar to you, a computer can only handle a certain number of tasks at any given time while still providing each one the same level of effort. Cutting back on open applications is an easy place to start if you’re currently wondering, “why is my laptop so slow?”.

3. Windows 10 updates

Updates fix security loopholes and bugs in your operating system to protect your computer, but they can also happen at times when you’re already busy on your machine. This causes a slow laptop and, likely, annoys you. Schedule updates around the hours in which you normally use your computer to help prevent your laptop running slow.

4. Viruses and malware

Disruptive programs like viruses or malware can enter your laptop and cause problems, including making your laptop very slow. Combining sensible online browsing practices and effective antivirus software is a good place to start. 

Before running to an expert asking, “why is my laptop so slow?,” check whether it’s something you could actually fix yourself. CCleaner comes in handy if you want to speed up a laptop, helping to clear unnecessary data and files, schedule updates, disable redundant apps and more.


  • How do I find the speed of my computer?

    Windows is equipped with tools like ‘Performance Monitor’ to help you check your computer speed. If you have a Mac, you can use ‘Activity Monitor’. CCleaner goes into more detail about this, while explaining how our simple, free apps can help too.

  • What is a good speed for a computer?

    Gamers or professional creatives may want quicker 3.5 GHz to 4.0 GHz clock speeds for processor-heavy daily activities, but other users and professionals require less for basic apps and everyday office software.

  • What is a fast processor speed for a computer?

    Most would say that processor speeds between 3.5GHz and 4.0GHz are fast and that speeds below 2GHz probably aren’t worth your time. Modern processors with multiple cores also have a definite advantage for multitasking.