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Speed up & Optimize
your PC with CCleaner®

CCleaner has been downloaded
over 2.5 billion times!

Please note: We have tested CCleaner using various screen readers and for the best user experience, we recommend using the latest version of NVDA -


Enjoy fewer crashes, bugs, and enhance your PC’s
performance with Driver Updater Get it today

Get CCleaner Pro! Get CCleaner Pro! Get CCleaner Pro! Free Download

Simple cleaning when you need it, or fully automated PC maintenance?

See which version of CCleaner suits you:

CCleaner Free

CCleaner Free

Our standard version frees up space, clears your online tracks and helps you manage your machine so it runs faster.

CCleaner Professional

CCleaner Professional

Our best-ever version combines all the features of Free with the power of automation, so your PC always stays clean, safe and fast.

Standard privacy protection Standard privacy protection
Standard cleaning Standard cleaning
not included:Driver Updater
Driver Updater
not included:Complete PC Health Check Complete PC Health Check
not included:Software Updater Updates apps to reduce security risks i

Outdated software is a security risk

Vulnerabilities in old software make your computer more open to attackers. CCleaner can update all your apps, to close the holes in your PC's defenses.

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not included:Complete cleaning Complete cleaning
not included:Keeps your browsing history private Keeps your browsing history private
not included:Detects and removes internet trackers Detects and removes internet trackers
not included:Keeps you from running out of space Keeps you from running out of space
not included:Priority customer support Priority customer support
Buy Now $29.95
Buy Now $29.95
Buy Now $29.95

per year with 2-year subscription

35,000,000 GB
cleaned every month
CCleaner downloads
desktop installs per week

We asked Passmark, a third-party software testing specialist, to put CCleaner through its paces


The results showed that using CCleaner:

  • Recovers 4GB of space initially (and 34GB a year!)
  • Gives PCs 28% more free RAM
  • Makes PCs boot 53% faster
Passmark Software

Faster startup, better performance, and more room for what really matters

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Powerful PC cleaning for
your business

Award-winning optimization for organizations

  • Get more from your endpoints
  • Customize cleaning to your business needs
  • Boost security and stay compliant
Optimize your business

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