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How to make your computer faster with Windows 10


If you’ve been typing online searches like “how to make my computer faster” and you own a Windows 10 PC, this article is for you. Here are four ways to boost your PC’s performance, three of which are definitely things that the CCleaner app can help you with.

1. Disable unnecessary startup apps

Some programs start running once you log in to your computer. If you want a fast computer, you should disable some apps to limit the extra load placed on your PC’s processing power. You could deactivate these by visiting the ‘Task Manager’ menu and clicking on ‘Startup,’ but why bother doing this when you can do it faster and more easily with CCleaner? CCleaner Pro lets you disable startup programs from one place via the ‘Health Check.’ If you have CCleaner Free, you can also disable auto-launching programs via the ‘Startup’ tool

2. Run regular updates

Not only do software updates provide new features, but they’re also used to fix bugs and errors and can even have the effect of boosting your PC's cybersecurity. Out-of-date software can sometimes result in frustratingly slow PC response times and crashes, plus it can even leave the door wide open to hackers who may want to access your PC! Trying to keep track of every bit of software you need to update can be a pain. CCleaner Pro contains two different tools called ‘Software Updater’ and ‘Driver Updater’ that help with this. One allows you to search your entire PC for out-of-date software and the other for drivers. This means you can keep on top of the performance of your PC hardware, apps, and software while also not letting your cybersecurity slip.

3. Clean up your hard drive

Cleaning system junk is the CCleaner app’s party piece! CCleaner Free and Pro both give you many effective ways to save hard drive space, helping to reduce file fragmentation and the poor performance that commonly results. Both versions of our app allow you to wipe gigabytes of junk files that accumulate during your everyday PC use, including the stored data that gets left behind on popular web browsers like Google Chrome. Better yet, as redundant apps can become major storage space hoggers, you can even uninstall software with CCleaner via the ‘Uninstall’ tool. In fact, it even uninstalls some software that Windows won’t touch! How about that? Windows Disk Cleanup may be able to help you with some PC maintenance activities, but it lacks the thoroughness and ease of use of CCleaner.

4. Restart your computer

The one thing out of this list that our CCleaner app can’t do is to turn your PC on and off for you. Be that as it may, it’s a quick and foolproof way of stopping and resetting all the software that could be hogging your PC’s processing power and slowing it down. But, a few careful restarts is only a temporary fix for a problem, at best, if you want to make your computer faster.

For those plagued by the thought of “how to make my computer faster,” CCleaner is the PC app you want. It gives you an all-in-one solution for cleaning junk files, disabling or uninstalling software, or updating software and drivers. Download CCleaner today to increase your computer speed and keep it running as efficiently as possible. It’s also worth checking out CCleaner’s excellent Defraggler app for defragging computer hard drives.


  • How do I check performance issues in Windows 10?

    Changes in the performance of Windows can creep up on you suddenly until you start noticing there’s a difference. CCleaner has some great free apps that can help you diagnose and resolve performance issues.

  • How do I make Windows faster?

    Windows, especially Windows 10, is equipped with tools and features to help boost your computer speed. CCleaner takes PC maintenance a step further by helping with issues like full hard drives, junk files, and rarely used apps that slow down system startup.

  • How can I speed up my PC?

    A PC’s speed partly depends on hardware, specifically its central-processing unit (CPU), random-access memory (RAM) and so on, but did you know that you can also easily speed it up by doing things like cleaning junk files and optimizing storage?

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