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How to make your computer faster with Windows 10

Windows 10 is a great operating system, but to work at its best it also requires regular updates, high performance hardware and, ideally, between 10 to 20GBs of free disk space. If you haven’t organized any one of these as well as you could, this can stop you from having a fast computer. 

If you’ve been typing online searches like, “how to make my computer faster” and not gotten very far, you can speed up your computer with these great tips.

1. Restart your computer

If you notice your computer speed dropping for the first time, shut down your machine when you’re not using it instead of leaving it in sleep or hibernate mode. A full shutdown closes all running programs and prevents your PC from getting clogged up by unnecessary processes. Obviously, make sure you’ve saved all your work before doing this. 

2. Disable unnecessary startup apps

Some programs start running once you log in to your computer. For a fast computer, you should disable some apps. To deactivate them, open the taskbar (‘Ctrl’ + ‘Alt’ + ‘Del’) go to ‘Task Manager’ and then click the ‘Startup’ tab within the menu. Remember that some of these startup processes may be useful to you and your system. Think carefully about which apps or programs you don’t normally use when you start up your PC each day and then disable them. 

3. Run regular updates

Regular updates do not reduce computer speed. However, they can remedy security weaknesses as well as performance issues with Windows, so it’s something worth doing on a regular basis. 

4. Clean up your hard drive

Your computer has a built-in app called ‘Disk Cleanup’ that you can find and select via the search bar on Windows 10’s ‘Start Menu’. It helps to eliminate files you no longer need. Choose files, program downloads, thumbnails, and offline pages that you want to delete. The app also calculates the memory you can free up by deleting certain files. 

If you’re puzzled by your slow PC and find yourself typing terms like, “how to make my computer faster” into your preferred search engine, you may find the CCleaner app very handy indeed. It can keep you updated on the space you have on your machine, disable startup programs, assist with system updates and more. Download it today to increase your computer speed and keep it running as efficiently as possible. It’s also worth checking out CCleaner’s excellent Defraggler app for defragging computer hard drives. 


  • How do I find the speed of my computer?

    Windows is equipped with tools like ‘Performance Monitor’ to help you check your computer speed. If you have a Mac, you can use ‘Activity Monitor’. CCleaner goes into more detail about this, while explaining how our simple, free apps can help too.

  • What is a good speed for a computer?

    Gamers or professional creatives may want quicker 3.5 GHz to 4.0 GHz clock speeds for processor-heavy daily activities, but other users and professionals require less for basic apps and everyday office software.

  • What is a fast processor speed for a computer?

    Most would say that processor speeds between 3.5GHz and 4.0GHz are fast and that speeds below 2GHz probably aren’t worth your time. Modern processors with multiple cores also have a definite advantage for multitasking.