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Get a full refund if we don't improve your PC's performance

Proven technology built to deliver performance

We’ve tested Performance Optimizer on both old and brand new PCs to measure how well it improves startup time, work performance, gaming, battery life, and even power consumption!


more laptop battery life


faster startup speed


boost in overall performance

How does Performance Optimizer work?

Programs on your PC can consume precious processor, memory, or internet resources, even when you’re not using them. Performance Optimizer solves this problem by detecting unnecessary startup items and background tasks, and temporarily puts them into 'Sleep' mode to free up speed and performance for what you’re really focusing on.

Enjoy all-day battery life on the go

Optimize your laptop battery life, and cut power consumption with every program you freeze.

Less frustration, more action

Say “no” to slow performance and “yes” to making your PC keep up with you.

An enhanced gaming experience

Tested and proven to deliver up to an 11% boost in FPS and up to a 19% reduction in lag.




with Performance Optimizer

Was USD 0 Now USD 29.95

Pro Plus

with Performance Optimizer
(up to 3 PCs)

Was USD 0 Now USD 44.95
Performance Optimizer No Yes Yes
Driver Updater No Yes Yes
Health Check Partial Complete Complete
Standard privacy protection tick tick tick
Standard cleaning tick tick tick
Complete cleaning tick tick
Updates software to close security holes tick tick
Automatically keeps your browsing history private tick tick
Automatically detects and removes internet trackers tick tick
Automatically keeps you from running out of space tick tick
Priority customer support tick tick
Get back deleted files tick
Inspect & monitor system info tick
CCleaner for Mac Pro - Optimize your Mac computer tick
CCleaner for Android Pro - Speed up your Android device tick
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Terms and Conditions

This promotion is for a one-year subscription to CCleaner Professional. Subsequent renewals will be charged at the undiscounted price in effect when your subscription is renewed (pricing subject to change). Testing conducted by CCleaner in October 2021 using various industry-standard performance tools, such as Microsoft Assessment and Deployment Kit and using existing Performance Optimizer code on three computers with different stats and software usage. Find out more.