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How to make your PC faster


If you’ve found yourself Googling ‘how to make PC faster’, you’ve probably come across a bunch of lengthy descriptions about why your PC is running slow. While these descriptions are helpful, sometimes your computer just needs a quick fix that provides an immediate boost in performance. Below are a few tricks you can try to boost your PC performance and make your PC faster.

Change your power option

A PC’s power-saving mode can cause some noticeable performance issues, especially if you’re trying to run processor-intensive programs such as the Adobe suite. Switching to high-performance mode tells your PC to prioritize performance over saving energy. Once activated, you should see a significant jump in how quickly your programs run. On Windows 10, right-click on the battery icon located in the system tray and select ‘Power Options’. In the Power Options window, you can select ‘High Performance’. If you’re not sure how to make your PC faster, this is worth a try.

Optimize your PC

You might not realize that every time you use your computer it collects files and settings which quickly become useless. Even after a few weeks of computer use, what was once a collection of small files will become an accumulation of junk files that will prevent it from performing at its best. Regular cleaning is the only way to freshen up your computer and let it run as it’s supposed to.

CCleaner, which was developed to clean your computer for you, solves the age-old problem of a clogged up computer. A default out of-the-box clean will free your PC of junk files without deleting anything it needs to run normally, and boost your computer's performance and security. It’s even been speed and safety tested (read the report).

CCleaner also has other tools that can keep your PC working well and make it more secure. Its Startup tool allows you to quickly and easily disable any items set to start when you turn on your PC. You might not think startup items are a problem but when you install tools they often set themselves to start when you boot your machine when they’re not needed. Disabling these items can have a noticeable effect on your computer’s boot time.

CCleaner can also update all your software in one go to close the security loopholes in outdated software that can be found by hackers, and fix your registry so that it has fewer errors. 

Download the award-winning CCleaner for free today. Tried and tested, it has already been downloaded over 2.5 billion times across the globe.

Defrag your PC

If you have a Hard-disk Drive (HDD) your machine can slow down because of the way that Windows optimizes storage. Windows uses a process called fragmentation which means that if you try to save a file that is larger than any available free space, the file is split up and saved across the hard drive. When you next open that file, your computer has to search for all the parts and rearrange them back together. This is what impacts your computer’s speed.

Defraggler can help with this by defragging, which means taking all the pieces of each file and storing them back in one place again, so your PC can retrieve the file more quickly. You can download Defraggler for here.


  • How do you make a computer faster?

    Computer speed depends on both hardware and software. A computer’s central processing unit (CPU), its RAM and hard drive type can impact speed. So can software issues like fragmented files, ignored updates, malware and more.

  • What is the best free program to speed up your computer?

    Things that slow down your computer like temporary files, browser files, unnecessary startup programs or overlooked software updates are not always easy to spot. CCleaner provides the best free software solutions for these problems.

  • How can I speed up my computer with Windows 10?

    Hardware may have an effect on Windows 10’s speed, but software-related performance settings, missed updates, hidden viruses and malware, and overloaded hard drives can also have a significant impact.

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