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Windows 10 computer very slow?

“My Windows 10 computer ran perfectly when I first got it but lately, it has been crawling at a snail’s pace. Did I do something wrong?”

Have you found yourself thinking something like this? If so, don’t worry, this is a common complaint. And no, you haven’t done anything wrong. This gradual slow down over time happens to computers, if they're not maintained properly. But what causes it?

Generally speaking, if your computer’s hardware hasn’t changed since you got it, it’s performance capability should remain roughly the same. A bit of TLC should help your PC to start working normally again. Here are some common issues that need to be resolved, and how you can resolve them.

Delete your PC’s clutter

As PC’s are used, they collect old temporary and cache files which can build up over time and affect your PC’s performance. A quick clean will get rid of the files clogging up your machine and allow it to start working well again.

Likewise, if you’re installing new apps and not deleting those you no longer use, your hard drive will become full and cluttered.

CCleaner can quickly and safely clean your machine for you, and uninstall the items you no longer need.

Stop some apps automatically launching on startup

Is your PC taking longer to do so than it used to? If so, this is probably due to programs starting up in the background automatically when you turn on your Windows 10 computer. Most apps are set to do this when you install them, but you probably don’t need them to do this, unless you plan on using them every time you switch on your machine. You can use CCleaner’s ‘Startup’ tool to disable some programs set to automatically start up - and doing so will make your computer boot faster.

As well as the above, there are a few other things CCleaner can also do to keep your Windows 10 machine working well. It has all the tools you need to quickly and easily maintain your machine, protect your privacy and boost your security.


  • Deletes old cache and temporary files

  • Deletes browsing data and online trackers

  • Disables apps set to start automatically

  • Uninstalls software

  • Updates your software in one go

  • And more...

Download the award-winning CCleaner today to speed up and maintain your Windows 10 machine - and see why it’s been downloaded over 2.5 billion times worldwide.


  • How do I free up RAM on my computer?

    There’s no need to jump the gun and buy a random-access memory (RAM) upgrade right away. A computer’s memory cache, visual effects, device driver problems, and unnecessary background processes could be causing a RAM problem.

  • How do I clear my RAM?

    There may be no catch-all method for freeing up more random-access memory (RAM) on your computer, but CCleaner does have some useful suggestions, such as checking for weighty background processes and more.

  • How can I speed up my computer with Windows 10 or Windows 11?

    If you’re a Windows 10 or Windows 11 user, there are various things you can do to speed it up, whether it’s sorting out a fragmented hard drive, disabling needless startup programs, or removing junk files. CCleaner and Defraggler can help with these issues.