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Speed Up Windows 7

If you’re still a user of this operating system, it’s likely that the software you run and other factors can contribute to making Windows 7 slow. But fear not - you can still speed up Windows 7 with the following tips: 

1.Increase your RAM

Depending on the version of Windows 7 that you have, the 32-bit version requires at least 1 GB of random-access memory (RAM) whereas the 64-bit version needs a minimum of 2 GB. If you’re looking to run multiple programs at the same time on a regular basis, you can speed up Windows 7 by upgrading your computer’s RAM. The upper limit of this depends on your budget and also, importantly, the specific version of Windows 7 your computer uses (there are a few).

2.Disable startup programs

You can reduce Windows 7’s boot or startup time by disabling some programs that automatically launch in the background each time you start your computer. It’s likely that you’ve had your Windows 7 computer for many years - that’s enough time to pile up tons of apps you don’t really need anymore, especially during system startup! While you can easily do this from Windows itself, we’re confident we’ve made an even easier way of doing it in our free app. It’s a great remedy for Windows 7’s slow startup.

2.Change search indexing

Turning search indexing on or off to optimize Windows 7 depends on the relationship between your central processing unit (CPU) and hard drive. As a good rule of thumb, you can help a computer with a good CPU but a slow or standard hard drive by keeping search indexing on. For a computer with a slow CPU or an SSD hard disk, it’s better to turn it off. To do the latter, search for ‘indexing’ in the Start menu, open it, and click ‘Modify.’ Then, delete the directories that are indexed as well as the file types.

2.Defrag your hard drive

Again, whether you’ve had your Windows 7 computer for a while or it was gifted to you by a family member or friend, it likely that it’s had a lot of use. This could mean a full hard drive.

If your hard disk is too full, your computer has probably divided up various programs and other files into little pockets of available free space that still remain on your drive. This basically means it takes longer to retrieve them when you open a program or file, making Windows slow. However, you can easily fix this and speed up Windows 7 in the process with our Defraggler app. It’s available for free or as a part of the CCleaner Professional Bundle.

If you’re finding Windows 7 slow at this time, it’s also worth pointing out that our free CCleaner app provides a great asset for your machine. Making tasks like disabling startup apps and managing updates easy, it can also get rid of hidden junk files and clutter from your daily internet browsing activity. Doing so helps tidy your hard drive helping to speed up Windows 7 by freeing up valuable hard disk space to help keep your computer running at its best.


  • How do I optimize Windows 7 for gaming?

    If you’re a Windows 7 user and want to optimize it for gaming, it might be worth an upgrade? However, there are a few things you can try which CCleaner can help with, such as removing programs you don’t use, disabling startup processes, cleaning up your hard drive and more

  • How do I optimize my computer?

    Computers can easily slow down if they get frequent use and are not looked after. Junk files, Windows Registry issues and unnecessary programs launching during system startup can have a negative impact in different ways. CCleaner can fix problems like these.

  • How can I make my computer faster with Windows 7?

    Using Windows 7? Microsoft has discontinued support, but there are still ways to get more performance out of your machine. CCleaner helps your computer by clearing junk files, fixing Windows Registry issues, disabling startup programs and more.