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Clearing cookies or blocking ads doesn't stop you from being tracked via digital fingerprinting


of websites track their visitors


data points about you get stitched together from different websites


accuracy in identifying people through digital fingerprinting

With every click, your digital fingerprint gets more detailed

The more you browse, the easier it is to track and target you online with 99% accuracy.

Your digital fingerprint lets trackers collect your:

Kamo feeds trackers fake information to protect your privacy

  • NEW! Hides your location and online activity

    Kamo’s Private Connection, powered by VPN technology, creates a secure connection between your PC and the internet. This hides your location and stops web service providers, governments, and hackers from intercepting and monitoring web traffic from your computer, promising you both greater online privacy and security.

  • Prevents online tracking

    Each device has a unique fingerprint that can be used to identify and track you. Kamo creates new fingerprints for you regularly to throw trackers off.

  • Prevents online ID theft

    Thousands of companies are collecting your data, but most don't protect it. Kamo ensures what's lost in the next data breach doesn't matter.

  • Shields your browsing history from prying eyes

    Ever cookies, zombie cookies, and more can resist cleaning attempts. Kamo blasts them away in seconds.

  • Uncovers trackers, and stops them

    Kamo shows you which websites are trying to scoop up your personal, family, medical, and financial data, and stops them.

  • Automatically syncs with all your browsers

    Kamo detects the browsers on your computer and protects all of them.

  • Automatically erase the history of all your browsers

    Kamo takes the manual labor out of managing multiple browsers.

  • Doesn't store your data

    We built Kamo to protect your privacy, so we'll never collect or sell your personal information.

Kamo does what private browsing, adblockers, and antiviruses can't

Features Antivirus Ad-blockers Incognito Mode Kamo (*Free 14-day trial) Kamo (Paid version)
Detects latest tracking threats
Detects latest tracking threats no no no
Removes cookies
Removes cookies no no
Anti-fingerprint tracking (newest threat)
Anti-fingerprint tracking (newest threat) no no no
Dashboard to see and enhance ID protection
Dashboard to see and enhance ID protection no no no
Stop targeted ads
Stop targeted ads no
Designed not to interfere with browsing
Designed not to interfere with browsing no no no
Hides your location
Hides your location no no no no
Creates a secure tunnel between your PC and the internet
Creates a secure tunnel between your PC and the internet no no no no
Stops viruses
Stops viruses
no no no no

Stop online tracking and protect your privacy with Kamo

Disguise your digital fingerprint now

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*Private Connection currently not available with Kamo 14-day trial