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How to block Twitch ads 2021

Launched in 2011 as a platform for users to stream or broadcast themselves live (predominantly a gamer's platform), Twitch has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Nowadays, people watch Twitch streams for entertainment, community engagement, and for educational purposes.

Twitch has evolved to attract a far wider audience than just gamers and streaming topics have also diversified with streams today broadcasting everything from live-stream woodworking, cooking, IRL (In-Real-Life) streams, streams from the music community, and of course, a ton of gaming streams. 

To give you an idea of how big Twitch is and how fast the Twitch community is growing, here are some statistics on viewers' watch time as an example:  

  • 2020 - 93 billion minutes of content were viewed per month which was a 69% increase over 2019
  • 2021 - 326 billion minutes were viewed during the first three months alone which averages out at 108 billion minutes per month

The evolution of Twitch

If you've been using Twitch for a while now, you'll have noticed some quite drastic changes have occurred on the platform. The most noticeable began around early 2019 when Twitch updated their brand and launched a new logo, an 80s graphic font that pays homage to their ever-present gaming community. 

The creative team behind the rebrand also appointed new typography and introduced a new purple color, which is now synonymous with Twitch. The highly recognizable tone became brighter and was set to represent the energy, vibrance, and mischievousness of the Twitch creative community! They made one other huge change: they introduced ads. 

At first, the ads were self-serving and were a series of teaser videos and high-profile Twitch streamers, who would grace your screen for 30 seconds as a pre-roll ad. They would create hype for the Twitch platform (advertising on the Twitch platform), and quite aptly, the ad campaign carried the slogan, "You're already one of us". 

Over the course of time, ads gradually became more aggressive. Now, the ads are quite often seen as an annoying interference and something that is completely abstract from the viewer. So, the creative community on Twitch quickly started using ad blockers.

Ad blockers, just as the name suggests, block or filter ads. They work in the way that they reject an advertiser domain from accessing your browser, allowing for ad-free viewing of your favorite Twitch streams. Perfect! So, we're going to save you a ton of time and talk about one of the best out there, that's free. 

Block Twitch ads for free!

We're sure you're going to love this option because it's free and easy to set up. We're talking about CCleaner Browser which comes with Adblock, a powerful feature that not only blocks ads but also improves page load time and speeds up your browser and online experience! There are also lots of extra features including:

  • Anti-Fingerprinting - your online activity cannot be tracked, allowing your digital fingerprint to remain disguised 
  • Built-in Online security - browse the internet, shop, and use online banking knowing you're protected from malware, phishing scams, and identity theft
  • Extension Guard - protects your browser from malicious browser extensions and websites
  • Webcam Guard - gives you back control over which websites can access your webcam
  • CCleaner - cleans out your system junk and optimizes your PC

If you think all this sounds pretty great, why not try it out today? CCleaner Browser is available to download now, so don't miss out and take advantage of ad-free living from today!


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