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How to block ads on Twitch

You might find it surprising but there are plenty of ways to block ads on Twitch. Some of them include paid options, and others are free services that take no time to install and allow for ad-free viewing of your favorite Twitch stream. 

We're going to check out the best free way to block ads on Twitch, and that's using a third-party ad blocker. 

Why using an ad blocker protects you

An ad blocker is a simple but clever tool that filters the websites that can appear on your computer. Ad blockers prevent advertising requests from showing ads on your screen, and as the name suggests, they block ads from appearing while watching streams on Twitch and other platforms. Perfect! 

Another important aspect of ad blockers is online security. Online ads subject users to a greater risk of infecting their devices with viruses or malware. This technique is known as "malvertising" and is a common tactic for inserting malware into a computer by using convincing, but totally fake advertising. 

Some other advantages for using a third-party ad blocker can include:

  • Web pages load faster
  • Cleaner-looking web pages with fewer distractions
  • Interruption and ad-free content streaming
  • Prevents advertisers from tracking you across websites
  • Reduces battery usage 
  • Removes or blocks fake news sites and distributors

Ad blockers can be effective in blocking all ads on Twitch, including pre-roll ads, mid-roll ads, and those annoying display ads that disrupt your viewing experience while watching your favorite stream on Twitch. 

How to get the most out of an ad blocker

While there are a ton of ad blockers out there, we've created one that's not only reliable but as an added bonus comes with a wealth of additional features. It's called Adblock and is included as part of CCleaner Browser. Adblock does a great job of blocking ads from Twitch. It automatically blocks ads when using your chosen browser, so you'll be ad-free the entire time you're online on any site too. 

If you want to allow some level of advertising within your chosen website to help support them, you can adjust the strength of Adblock, and also 'mute' ad blocking for specific websites, called 'whitelisting'. 

We've made the following options available:

  • Essential - this will block ads that violate the Acceptable Ads Standard.
  • Balanced (recommended) - it blocks the same ads as the "essential" level as well as non-intrusive ads to help enhance the safety and speed of your browsing sessions.
  • Strict - this will block all ads. However, this can cause sites not to load properly or make sites inaccessible. 

The best thing about the CCleaner Browser software (apart from it's free) is it also comes loaded with a range of great security tools and features such as: 

  • Anti-Phishing - protects you from malicious attempts while you browse and from accidentally downloading malicious content
  • Anti-Fingerprinting - disguises your digital fingerprint to prevent third parties from identifying you and tracking you 
  • Anti-Tracking - helps to keep your online activity private
  • Password Managers - faster logins to websites with one click
  • Webcam Guard - will alert you every time a website tries to access your webcam
  • HTTPS Encryption - means every site you visit will be secured

If you think all of this sounds pretty great, why not try CCleaner Browser today? You can download it now and have it ready to go in seconds. We're sure you're going to love the peace of mind it gives you and, of course, the smoother ad-free streaming.


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