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How to block ads on Crunchyroll 2021

Crunchyroll was set up in 2006 and publishes, distributes, produces, and licenses streaming content for anime, dorama, and manga genres. With several offices dotted around the world, they connect their 90 million registered users in over 200 countries and territories with the largest official collection of anime videos. 

What sets Crunchyroll apart from its competition is that you can watch most of its content for free. The free version contains ads so some users opt to subscribe, removing the ads and including other membership benefits. We're going to look at why you should remove ads and give you an all-encompassing free ad-blocker to use.

Subscribe to Crunchyroll to remove ads

Crunchyroll offers four different subscription tiers including the free option. One thing that a majority of the free users complain about is the frequency of ads displayed, which has gradually increased since 2006 and reached its peak in 2019. Viewers with a free account in 2019 could expect to spend 20-25% of their time watching ads overall during each show. That means for every 24-minute video, you would be watching an additional six minutes' worth of ads! Ads are set to appear before each show, at the start of an episode, mid-way through, and after the show (of course, you can easily skip these ones!). 

There are more and more fans dedicated to the Crunchyroll community that are using ad blockers, and this may be due to the number of malicious advertisers (malvertisers) targeting the Crunchyroll platform. Crunchyroll has been plagued with a string of malware attacks and malvertising. In November 2017, the Crunchyroll platform was infected with a malware attack that took over the website and caused visitors to download a malicious code named CrunchyViewer.exe to access the site. In response, the site was forced offline for several hours to patch this security breach, remove the malware, and contact affected users. 

For many, the solution was to use an ad blocker to prevent ads from interfering with their viewing experience and safety whilst on Crunchyroll. Ad blockers prevent advertising URLs from accessing your browser.

Use an ad blocker for better speed, safety, and security

Malicious ads are hard to spot and usually very convincing. Sometimes you don't even need to click on a link or the ad itself for a virus or malware to start downloading. The easiest and most effective way to avoid them is to steer clear of ads altogether. Using a good ad blocker will not only speed up your video load time but also keep you safe. That's a double win for you. 

We think you'll love the Adblock technology which comes as part of CCleaner Browser. It's advanced in its methods so that it stays up to date and ahead of hackers (although you need to install a good AV too, you can never be too safe online!). Not only that, but it comes with a ton of other great features that were specially designed to give you complete privacy and total security while you're enjoying your favorite show on Crunchyroll or surfing the net. 

CCleaner Browser boasts these great benefits:

  • No ads
  • Clears junk
  • Secure internet browsing with no tracking
  • Improved browser speed with faster page load times 
  • A password manager
  • A webcam guard to stop extensions from sneaking onto your browser without your knowledge
  • Extends your laptop's battery life by 20%

If this all sounds like a dream to you, why not download it today? It's free, fast, and easy to get started. All you need to do is download CCleaner Browser and let it remove ads from Crunchyroll to start enjoying a superior (and more secure) online experience.


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