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How to block ads on Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll was created in 2006 by graduates from the University of California, Berkeley, and for its 4 million-plus subscribers in more than 200 countries worldwide, it's the go-to choice for viewing anime, manga, and dorama. 

As a specialty service, Crunchyroll is available on a wide range of platforms and devices (iOS, Android, PS4, Chromecast, Roku) and offers over 1,000 titles and more than 30,000 episodes of anime content. It is available free, but there's just one will pepper your video with ads. 

Crunchyroll has a pretty consistent ad placement structure that averages out to a fifth of your viewing time that you'll be watching ads. They include: 

  • One pre-roll (15-second ad)
  • Four ads at the beginning of the episode (30-seconds each ad)
  • Four mid-rolls (30-seconds each ad)
  • Four post-rolls (15, 30, 30, and 20-second ads)

Any Crunchyroll user will admit these ads are not only disruptive and annoying, but they often have spoiler elements for upcoming episodes that can ruin your viewing experience. Oh, and that's not to mention the potential exposure to fake or fraudulent ads that are ever-present on the Crunchyroll platform and everywhere online. 

So, how do you block ads on Crunchyroll? Well, there are a few options to do this (the first two are paid and the third is free). 

Paid Crunchyroll subscription

There's always the option of signing up for one of the Crunchyroll membership subscriptions, which has three tiers on offer: 

  1. Fan - $7.99/month
  2. Mega Fan - $9.99/month
  3. Ultimate Fan - $14.99/month (on top of ad-free viewing, this provides additional features ranging from a members-only swag bag to special exclusive content and merchandise) 

Crunchyroll collection on HBO Max

Another way to watch a selection of Crunchyroll titles is by subscribing to HBO Max. It doesn't come cheap though, at $14.99 per month you'll get ad-free viewing and you'll also benefit from being able to download up to 30 titles so you can view them offline.

Before rushing off to find the credit card, it's worth mentioning that the Crunchyroll collection on HBO Max is quite limited in the catalog of shows available. There are 20-30 of the most popular titles or series available within the Crunchyroll collection. 

Let's check out how to block ads on Crunchyroll for free!

CCleaner Browser with Adblock built-in

By far the easiest (and cheapest) way to watch Crunchyroll content ad-free is by using an ad blocker. There are lots of third-party ad-blocking tools out there, so let's just look at one and save you a ton of time scouring the internet so you can get back to watching Crunchyroll (and ad-free). 

This option is free, quick, and easy to use, and best of all does exactly what you'd expect, and more! It's a secure browser called CCleaner Browser, which includes a built-in ad blocker and also provides superior levels of internet security. Here are some of its additional features: 

  • Complete privacy thanks to its Anti-Fingerprinting feature. CCleaner Browser prevents trackers and disguises your digital fingerprint, keeping your online identity anonymous. 
  • Speeds up your browser and page load time, providing a better user experience while online. This also improves your laptop battery life, allowing you to remain unplugged for longer. 
  • Provides total security online, preventing phishing and malware attacks, allowing you to surf the internet, use online banking, and make online purchases without the concern of identity theft. 

We think that CCleaner Browser is the best option for watching Crunchyroll ad-free. It won't just keep Crunchyroll deliciously ad-free though but all sites across all of your browsers. This will speed up your browsing and keep you safer online, so why not try it today?


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