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Recover deleted emails

If you're using a desktop program like Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, or Mozilla Thunderbird, you know that deleting emails from within the email program sends them to the program's internal trash or Recycle Bin. If you empty the trash or Recycle Bin, that's it -- the email's been deleted and there's no way to get it back.

The email program doesn't delete the email or emails to the Windows Recycle Bin, but rather empties its own internal trash or Recycle Bin. Fortunately, Recuva has the solution to this problem.

Email programs like Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, or Mozilla Thunderbird don't store emails individually. Rather, they store each folder as a database file. For example, there might be a folder for the Inbox, another for Sent Mail, another for Drafts, one for the Trash and another for emails you've saved.

When you empty the email program's Trash, the email program empties that database file. Instead of restoring the database file, Recuva goes one step further and recovers emails individually.

When you recover emails with Recuva, they appear in a compressed .ZIP file (for example, Outlook You can use any standard ZIP file reader (including one built in to Windows) to open the .ZIP file up and see the emails inside.

Each email is stored in a standard .EML format, which means that you can import it to any email program -- not just the one it was sent or received from.

With Recuva, you never have to worry about losing that important email, even if the email program thinks it's finished with it forever.