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System speed up

Over time, many Windows users find that their computer slows down, becoming in great need of a system speedup. If you have a Hard-disk Drive (HDD), this can be due to how Windows optimizes storage, essentially by scattering new programs in different places on your hard drive. The process is called fragmentation and is what allows you to continue to install new programs or files on your computer, even when storage space is running low. But this can also result in a slow system. This article explains why, and what you can do to fix the problem.

Fragmentation happens when you delete files from your computer, leaving a space where those files once were. So the next time you install a new program or file, your PC will place it in that empty space. A problem occurs in this process if your new file is actually larger in size than the space it’s trying to fill. If this happens, your system will split the file up and place it in available spaces across the hard drive. Now when you open up that file your computer has to search for all the parts and rearrange them back together. This is the part that impacts your computer’s speed. So if you’re asking, “why is my system slow?”, it could be that your hard drive is heavily fragmented. The solution is to defrag your PC in order to achieve a system speedup. 

Our Defraggler and CCleaner software can help your PC to run faster. Defraggler assembles fragmented files and can also enhance your hard drive’s free space as a proactive way of preventing fragmentation before it occurs. CCleaner gives you tools you need to quickly and easily optimize your PC for better performance. You can download CCleaner for free here and Defraggler for here.


  • Why is my computer running slow and freezing?

    Many things can cause your computer to slow down and freeze, such as too many programs running at once, temporary or fragmented files, hard drive errors, old device drivers, poor random-access memory (RAM) and more.

  • Why is my computer unresponsive?

    Computers become unresponsive for various reasons: drivers that are not up to date, corrupt or missing system files or irregular software or system updates. Any one of these and more could be causing problems for your computer.

  • What is a blue screen of death?

    The blue screen of death (BSoD) is an alert screen that freezes Windows to help prevent damage being caused to your computer. Problems with hardware, Windows Registry, temperature and more can all cause this issue.