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Windows 10 laptop very slow?

“When I first took my laptop home it booted up in no time, and it was fast, responsive, and stable. But now it takes ages to boot up. And when it does finally start working it is very slow. Worse yet, it has now started crashing all the time. Why is this? Did I do something to it?"

Does any of the above sound familiar to you? If so, don’t panic, it is unlikely to be anything you have done. In fact, this is a very common phenomenon that happens to most laptops as they get older, if they're not well looked after. I know that doesn’t help. But the rest of this article will. Laptops globally are experiencing the same issues as yours.

But why?

Firstly, some programs start running in the background automatically when you turn on your laptop, and the more programs you install the worse this gets. This will make your laptop slow to boot up.

Secondly, the most common reason for your laptop running slowly after it has booted is your laptop’s storage device accumulating old and unused files and programs. This ‘digital clutter’ will cause your Windows 10 laptop to run slowly as it will have to work harder to find the files it needs in among all this ‘junk’.

Instability in Windows 10 laptops is often due to a registry becoming cluttered with errors and broken settings.

To correct these problems, you will need to:

1) Identify which programs are turning themselves on when you switch on your laptop and then prevent the unwanted ones from doing so

2) Locate the old files and programs that are digital clutter and remove them, taking care not to remove anything important that you want to keep

3) Locate and clear out all errors and broken settings from your laptop’s registry

If this sounds either scary or too much like hard work, don’t worry, CCleaner has the software to do all of the above, and more, in one easy-to-use package

CCleaner updates all your software automatically. This makes your Windows 10 laptop faster. It also cleans your registry so that it has fewer errors and allows you to control what program starts when you switch on your laptop. Download our award-winning computer cleaning software today, which has been downloaded over 2.5 billion times. You can download the free version from our website. For maximum cleaning, we recommend trying the professional version, which will not only fix these common problems but also prevent them from happening again.


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    Upgrades to increase random-access memory (RAM) aren’t always needed. Visual effects, memory caches, device driver problems, and unnecessary background processes can cause RAM problems but are potentially fixable.

  • Which is the best game booster for PC?

    Many apps in the market can enhance your PC gaming experience by focusing your PC’s resources on this activity. CCleaner’s free app can help optimize your computer too by disabling startup programs, cleaning system junk and fixing Windows Registry.

  • How do I make my Windows 8 computer run faster?

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