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Why you need a private browser in your life!

With more data leaks occurring all the time you need to take charge of your data and have control over who accesses it. This can be easier said than done with cookies on nearly every site and your digital fingerprint exposing 3,000 different data points about you. But what are your cookies and digital fingerprint?

Cookies are tiny packets of data that get loaded onto your PC when you visit certain sites. Advertisers and other third parties can use cookies to track where you've been online and what you've been doing. This isn't very private and information about you can travel fast on the net. Your digital fingerprint is even more of a menace, although you may not have even known that it existed before. In a nutshell, it is information about your location, beliefs, finances, medical history, and more, that's collected when you visit websites. It's used by advertisers to target you.  

The reason you probably didn't know that it existed is that the data that goes into your digital fingerprint is taken from so many touchpoints and you can never access it yourself. This may seem unfair or even unnerving but everyone who has ever used the internet has one and there's no opt-out button. That's not to say there's nothing you can't do about it though. 

Why privacy is so important

Keeping your data and what you do private is crucial, especially in this interconnected world where data breaches happen and in a flash, people are exposed. When this happens cybercriminals often share data or sell it on. You would have no idea who has access to yours if this were to happen. The biggest threat this poses is identity theft. In the wrong hands, your data could be used by an unintended individual or group to take out credit cards in your name or drain your bank account. 

That is the worst-case scenario but it does happen and it pays to be safe. The best security is prevention. After all, you'd never hand over your pin number or passwords to a stranger you meet on the street so you obviously wouldn't want to do this on the internet. Fortunately, you can tighten your online privacy by blocking cookies and destroying your digital fingerprint. Both of these tasks can be done using a good private browser

What to look for in a private browser

Before we jump into private browsers, let's just clarify that these are different from private or incognito mode. While private or incognito mode is still a much better option than a regular browser setting, they can't provide that ironclad security you're looking for. They will certainly help with cookies but they don't stop your data from being collected.  

A good solution is a free tool like CCleaner Browser. We think that everyone has the right to privacy and this tool is just one in our collection that helps users like you keep their PC safer and also working better at the same time. This private browser does more than security too, it will improve your entire browsing experience!

Here are just some of the benefits you'll get from using CCleaner Browser:

  • Anti-Tracking - stops others from tracking your online activity and stops data from being added to your digital fingerprint by hiding your unique browser profile
  • Blocks Ads - this makes web pages load faster, plus is less distracting for you while visiting sites
  • Anti-Phishing - keeps you even safer by blocking malicious websites and downloads that contain viruses, ransomware, or spyware
  • Extension Guard - blocks unwanted add-ons or plugins but still lets you install those you trust
  • Webcam protection - stops applications and even malware from accessing your webcam unless you give them consent
  • Lightweight - it uses up to 50% less memory so you can have an even faster browsing experience
  • Battery Life - it uses less CPU and RAM when you're running on a low battery which can extend your battery life by up to 20%, making it great for when you're out and about

If you like what you see and are all for complete privacy, faster browsing, and total security for free, give it a go today and join our huge community of CCleaner Browser users.


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