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How to speed up a slow computer: 3 helpful tips

Get your slow computer to crank up the pace. Here are 3 helpful tips to get you started if you want to know how to speed up a slow computer

Adjust performance settings

It may be designed for PC gaming, but the ‘Game Mode’ feature in Windows 10 can still give your PC some handy added speed, particularly if you’re using a processor-intensive program while running other apps at the same time. You can toggle ‘Game Mode’ within Windows 10 after a quick search on your desktop search bar. Your power settings are also worth investigating. Visit ‘Control Panel’ or click the taskbar’s battery icon to change your power plan to a high-performance setting. This diminishes your battery life in favor of more computing power.

Add more RAM

While solid-state hard drives (SSDs) can also increase performance, upping your random-access memory (RAM) is another excellent hardware upgrade. Enhancing your computer’s ability to multitask, it’s a useful asset for busy professionals and gamers alike. These upgrades normally involve installing a new memory stick, but you need to consider whether the cost of buying an upgrade like this and installing it is worth it. If you’re not sure how to speed up a slow computer, it’s always worth investigating some easier ways to do it first or use a free app like CCleaner to help you discover some often-overlooked culprits. 

Clear junk files

Folders for downloads or deleted files are more obvious candidates for cleaning, but temporary files collected on your system or files from your web browser can also, potentially, take up more space than you might realize, contributing to a slow computer. For an easy way to identify problematic files, disable troublesome startup programs, and more, download CCleaner for free today.


  • How do I clean up my Windows 7 computer?

    Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft, but there are still ways to clean up your computer and speed it up. From optimizing your hard drive, to disabling needless startup apps and much more, CCleaner and Defraggler can do these for you automatically.

  • How do I remove junk files from Windows 7?

    Are you a Windows 7 user? Removing junk can help your PC, but it’s important not to delete files your system actually needs. CCleaner helps you get around this issue thanks to simple tools like Health Check that analyze your PC so you can delete junk safely.

  • How do I clean my hard drive Windows 7?

    Cleaning your hard disk on your older Windows 7 computer doesn’t have to be a mammoth task. Microsoft may no longer support this operating system, but our PC-cleaning apps can still help you optimize your Windows 7 PC.