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30-day money-back guarantee -
Get a full refund if we don’t improve your PC’s performance

What are drivers?

A driver is a small software program that lets your operating system and hardware devices communicate with each other.



Audio drivers let the sound work



Graphics drivers let you see everything on your screen

Internet connection

Internet connection

Wi-Fi drivers let your PC connect to the internet wirelessly

 Essential hardware

Essential hardware

Drivers connect every device to your PC, including your mouse

How does using a driver updater help you?

A driver updater tool will scan your PC for missing, outdated, or broken drivers — it will then automatically install the latest versions.

Driver updates are regularly released by manufacturers to fix issues and keep your PC and devices working together seamlessly.

Scan your PC for outdated drivers

1. Scan your PC for outdated drivers

See your driver software in one place

2. See your driver software in one place

Update your driver software with ease

3. Update your driver software with ease

Faster browsing

Enjoy faster browsing by fixing connection issues and other problems that could be slowing you down

More productivity, less frustration

Indulge in your creative hobbies and interests, or complete daily tasks knowing that your PC won't let you down

A better gaming experience

Keep your competitive edge and enjoy each moment more with better frame rates and excellent sound

What are the benefits of using Driver Updater?

A recent Microsoft analysis revealed 70% of all blue screens and PC crashes are caused by device drivers. Keeping drivers updated on laptops and PCs is one of the most effective ways of fixing and optimizing your PC and its devices.

Driver Updater tackles this problem head-on by identifying more than 25 million drivers and quickly and easily updating them.

Reduce crashes and errors

The latest driver versions give your PC maximum stability and drastically reduce crashes, freezes, and other common issues.

Protect against malware

Any updated drivers will be screened for malware before being installed.

Improve device performance

Enjoy a better overall experience by ensuring all your devices can communicate with Windows.

Automatic updates

Automatically scan for new PC drivers with one click, then update them all simultaneously.

Pick the perfect Driver Updater version for you



with Driver Updater

Was USD 29.95 Now USD 24.95

Per Year

Best Value

Pro Plus

with Driver Updater

Was USD 49.95 Now USD 34.95

Per Year

Driver Updater
Driver Updater Yes Yes
Health Check
Health Check Complete Complete
Standard privacy protection
Standard privacy protection tick tick
Standard cleaning
Standard cleaning tick tick
Complete cleaning
Complete cleaning tick tick
Updates software to close security holes
Updates software to close security holes tick tick
Automatically keeps your browsing history private
Automatically keeps your browsing history private tick tick
Automatically detects and removes internet trackers
Automatically detects and removes internet trackers tick tick
Automatically keeps you from running out of space
Automatically keeps you from running out of space tick tick
Priority customer support
Priority customer support tick tick
Get back deleted files
Get back deleted files tick
Inspect & monitor system info
Inspect & monitor system info tick
CCleaner for Mac Pro - Optimize your Mac computer
CCleaner for Mac Pro - Optimize your Mac computer tick
CCleaner for Android Pro - Speed up your Android device
CCleaner for Android Pro - Speed up your Android device tick

System requirements: CCleaner Professional for Windows (including Driver Updater) runs on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, and 7, including both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions. There are no minimum memory or hard drive requirements. An internet connection is needed to download and install the program.

Update your drivers with CCleaner

Keeping your drivers updated is essential if you want your PC and accessories to run smoothly. Drivers support your visuals, audio, and device functionality — nearly every way you interact with your PC. What’s more, vulnerable drivers can pose a security risk if not updated quickly.



  • What are the advantages of using a driver updater?

    Keeping your PC drivers updated allows your computer and devices to communicate and helps prevent issues like freezing. It can also close certain security gaps. Advanced driver tools like Driver Updater are an easy way to update all of your drivers at once, saving you time and hassle.

  • How often should you update drivers?

    Windows driver updates are made available by device manufacturers as and when they’re ready, and you should update each driver whenever there’s a new release. It would be tricky to stay on top of every new driver update, so using a good driver checker is the best way to update drivers on your PC.

  • Doesn’t Windows Update keep my drivers up to date?

    While Windows Update automatically scans many drivers, not all are included and you may have to wait months for the next Windows Update. Using a dedicated PC driver updater is the safest way to know that you’re covered. If you want a driver updater that’s easy to download and use, get CCleaner Professional, which comes with a full suite of optimization and security tools.

  • Why is it important to update PC drivers?

    Updated drivers help your PC by fixing glitches and bugs, speeding it up, keeping devices in sync, and strengthening online security. Driver software connects all devices to your PC —  from your graphics card or laptop touchpad to an external device like a monitor or audio MIDI controller. Using an automatic driver updater removes the need to do the task manually.

  • Is CCleaner Driver Updater safe to use?

    CCleaner Driver Updater is easy to use and safe. It will also keep your PC safer by closing any new security holes found by device manufacturers in their driver software. Our Driver Updater scanner monitors more than 25 million drivers and you can automatically update all of yours whenever you run a scan or choose to only install specific new drivers it finds.

  • Does Windows have a built-in driver updater?

    Yes, Microsoft Windows Update comes built in and includes a driver updater. But, if you’re someone who uses their computer regularly and wants the best performance possible, the surest way to update PC drivers is by using the best driver update software available.

  • How do I update all device drivers?

    To update all your device drivers at once, use a quick driver updater. CCleaner Driver Updater comes as part of the CCleaner Professional PC optimization app.

  • How can I tell if my drivers are out of date?

    You can check if your drivers are out of date by heading to the relevant manufacturer’s website for each of your devices, checking if there are any updates in Windows (but this may not capture them all), or by using a good driver installer tool to check its database — in seconds.

  • How to update drivers Windows 11?

    You can update drivers on Windows 11 by going to ‘Device Manager,’ then clicking each device and searching for updates, and selecting ‘Update Driver’ if there are newer versions available.

  • What features are included in Driver Updater?

    CCleaner Driver Updater comes as part of the CCleaner Professional package — this utility comes with tools to make your computer faster and more secure. It clears space on your PC, updates all of your software (and not just drivers), and clears your search history automatically.

Terms and Conditions

This promotion is for a one-year subscription to CCleaner Professional. Subsequent renewals will be charged at the undiscounted price in effect when your subscription is renewed (pricing subject to change).
Promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Piriform reserves the right to amend, withdraw or extend this offer at any time.