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Get a cleaner, faster, and smoother-running PC with CCleaner

CCleaner has been downloaded over 2.5 billion times!

Start Free Scan

No credit card needed — just install and go

No credit card needed — just install and go Start Free Scan

Where can I find a free CCleaner serial key for the full version?

You’re probably here because you’re looking for a free CCleaner serial key to unlock CCleaner Professional. That’s great you want to use this software because it means you’re serious about your online security and privacy. You probably already know that it speeds up your computer too as well as give it a thorough clean.

What you may not know is that the CCleaner serial keys that are given away for free on other sites may actually harm your computer. That’s because the software they give you to download can be infected with harmful malware and other nasties. Many of these sites look legitimate too, so we understand how easy it can be to fall into this trap.

Let’s look at how pirated (or cracked) software can be a threat and where to find a free CCleaner Professional trial.

How can pirated software harm your computer?

Cracked software means that the original code of the software has been tampered with. If you use a CCleaner serial key that’s free on a warez site or BitTorrent your data and computer could be compromised. This is also true for any paid software and not just a copy of CCleaner Professional or any of our other paid products.

Here are some of the issues you may have to deal with:

  • a virus
  • malware or spyware on your computer
  • a ransomware attack
  • a keylogger recording what you type so cybercriminals can blackmail you
  • stolen website passwords or account details
  • stolen credit card or bank information
  • personal data or files stolen
  • other digital data stolen, like your web browsing history

It’s a painful and time-consuming experience to come back from any of these outcomes. So, how can you avoid this? Always download software from a trusted site.

Where to find a free CCleaner serial key?

Sadly, some things in life aren’t free. If we offered CCleaner Professional for free we’d have to get our developers and other colleagues to agree to work for free! Since we would never expect that we do offer a lite version for free which is perfect for many of our home users and perhaps you’ll find the same. That’s why we have both options available here so you can easily decide which is right for you.

If you’re still not sure, there are two routes you can take:

Download CCleaner and start using it right away. If you then feel you need CCleaner Professional after using it you can jump onto a 14-day free trial before you decide. There’s no need to enter any personal or card details.

Start your 14-day free trial of CCleaner Professional and see what it can do for you. If you decide you don’t need it then you’ll simply revert back to the standard free CCleaner product at the end of the trial period.

Here are the links you need to download CCleaner or to start your free CCleaner Professional trial.