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Get a cleaner, faster, and smoother-running PC with CCleaner

CCleaner has been downloaded over 2.5 billion times!

Start Free Scan

No credit card needed — just install and go

No credit card needed — just install and go Start Free Scan

Should you be tempted by a free keygen CCleaner activation code?

We all like free things, who wouldn’t? Sometimes, free products or services really work too and make our lives better. For example, we created our original CCleaner PC cleaning software and it remains free to this day. It’s been downloaded more than 2.5 billion times and we are proud to have such a thriving CCleaner community.

We also created CCleaner Professional which includes all the great benefits of our free CCleaner software, plus additional features to speed up your computer and protect your privacy. CCleaner Professional is available on an annual subscription basis and also comes with a free 14-day trial so you can try it first. That way you can decide whether you want the CCleaner free version or need the full CCleaner Professional package.

What is a keygen CCleaner activation code?

When customers purchase CCleaner Professional, they get a unique activation code. They simply enter the code to be able to use the software which is common practice across many tech and software companies.

There are certain sites floating around that say they have a free keygen CCleaner code. Keygen stands for ‘key generator’ and is used to generate the various sequences for different codes. If you get a free software download and key via BitTorrent or a warez site for pirated software you are running the risk of your computer and privacy being attacked. You’ll usually know that it’s pirated (or cracked) software when you would normally have to pay for a license.

Here are some of the problems you and your machine could face:

  • a virus
  • a ransomware attack
  • malware or spyware on your computer
  • a keylogger recording what you type so cybercriminals can blackmail you
  • personal data or files stolen
  • stolen website passwords or account details
  • stolen credit card or bank information
  • other digital data stolen, like your web browsing history

Worse still, malware can also spread to other devices in your home. If malware penetrates one device, when you connect other devices to the same network at home they are also at risk of being infected. If you originally get the malware on your computer it could well end up on your phone or tablet too and on other devices that anyone else in the house owns.

Basically, it’s not worth the risk and is difficult to tell infected software from healthy software. So, where do you find a legitimate keygen CCleaner has created? On our website or from a trusted source.

How can I try CCleaner Professional for free?

Don’t worry, we offer a free 14-day trial of our CCleaner Professional package so you don’t need to commit upfront or even enter any details. In fact, you may only need our free CCleaner product and we’ll look at the benefits of both in a second so you can decide.

Click here to head to our CCleaner Professional page and claim your free trial.

What’s the difference between our CCleaner packages?

Did you know that we have billions of happy users that have downloaded our CCleaner free version? Not everyone needs the CCleaner Professional package. That’s why we have both options available here so you can easily decide which is right for you.