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v2.09.185 (25 сен 2023)

The latest release of CCleaner for Mac introduces Quick Scan, the easiest way to scan your Mac for clutter without having to think where to start.  

  • You can now ‘Quick Scan’ your Mac for unnecessary application cache, log files, trash, downloads, large files, and development junk – and delete it to make room for what you really need.  
  • Quick Scan also helps you to clean your browser and delete records of your activity and personal info such as cookies, browsing history, or caches.  

v2.08.173 (04 апр 2023)

This CCleaner for Mac release brings your system information together within the app. We’re also introducing sidebar navigation to quickly access favorite features and new welcome screens explaining what each feature brings. 

  • Sidebar navigation — Easily access your favourite features with our new sidebar navigation menu available from wherever you are in the app.  
  • System monitor — This new feature brings your system information together within the app, showing you interactive and historic data about the health and performance of your Mac.  
  • Welcome screens — Check out our new information screens to find out what each feature does before you start using it. 
  • Discontinued support for macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) — A friendly reminder that CCleaner is no longer available for macOS 10.11 (El Capitan). We recommend you update to the latest macOS version to continue using CCleaner. 

v2.07.166 (03 ноя 2022)

This release displays your system statistics in a brand new UI (accessible via the CCleaner menu bar), so you can keep track of your system’s vitals at the click of a button. It also includes several tweaks for the upcoming MacOS 13 (Ventura) Operating System, so you can seamlessly use CCleaner on Mac’s latest and greatest OS.

New Menu bar UI/UX design

We’ve introduced new system information, which you can access by clicking the CCleaner icon in the top-right corner of your Mac's menu bar

Updates for the upcoming release of macOS 13

  • We’ve made various improvements to ensure your device will run smoothly
  • We’ve added a warning notification when all large files are selected (to prevent accidental deletion of these files)
  • We’ve introduced a new password setting which will reduce the need to enter your password when cleaning or enabling/disabling startup items
  • Mac Professional - you can now control what browser history is deleted when cleaning, so you can choose to keep recent items or clean it all
  • This will be the last version of the product that supports macOS 10.11 (El Capitan)

v2.06.158 (16 авг 2022)

CCleaner for Mac 2.6 brings new browser cleaning in addition to some ease-of-use upgrades for our ‘Analyze photos’ feature, plus some handy bug fixes.

Expanding our cleaning

  • We've listened to your feedback and have added browser cleaning for Vivaldi. Now, you can easily remove cookies, cache, and browsing history from your Vivaldi web browser. 

Making ‘allowed sites’ easier to access

  • Previously, you had to scroll down on the ‘Settings’ screen to find the ‘Browser Cleaning’ and the ‘allowed websites’ section. But now, we'll take you straight there when you click ‘Manage Allowed Sites.’

Simplifying our photo analyzer feature

  • When you're analyzing a large volume of bad or similar photos, you now have the option to select all photos (and deselect the ones you want to keep), rather than selecting them one by one.

Fixing bugs

  • We've fixed several bugs, including one that was preventing the 'TRY AGAIN' button from working correctly when a subscription fails to activate.

v2.05.144 (16 июн 2022)

This brand-new version of CCleaner for Mac is now faster, more efficient, more reliable and has a new look.


  • Manage your startup programs We’ve re-introduced a startup manager to help you improve startup speed and overall performance — with a fresh new look.


  • Scan without closing your browsers Previously, we asked to close your browsers twice: while scanning and again before cleaning. Now, you only need to close them once when you’re ready to clean.
  • Clickable thumbnails in the ‘Analyze Photos’ section When you want to analyze photos, you can now click on thumbnails to see the larger images (instead of just using your keyboard).
  • Easier selection in the ‘Analyze Photos’ section Before, you had to click just the checkbox to select images. Now, the whole image is clickable, so you don’t have to be so precise.


  • Bug fixes We fixed many bugs, including one where apps uninstalled through your trash were always shown as 0 MB, so now you can see their correct sizes.

v2.04.141 (15 мар 2022)

Several bug fixes and a brand new statistics page

  • New ‘Statistics’ page — We added a new statistics dashboard so users can keep track of everything they’ve accomplished since using the new CCleaner for Mac.
  • Fixed bugs — We fixed a few bugs: one where the ‘scanning to clean’ screen froze, one where fonts were disappearing, and another where the layout would break when reading in Arabic. 
  • Other improvements — We’ve been making smaller under-the-hood improvements to keep CCleaner working smoothly. 

v2.03.137 (01 фев 2022)

This brand-new version of CCleaner for Mac is now faster, more efficient, more reliable and has a new look.

NEW! A cleaner, simpler user interface 

  • Fresh new dashboard — we’ve revamped the dashboard so it’s easier to use and ready for more features in future
  • Relocated settings — we moved the settings button to the top right of the app, so it’s easier to find
  • Improved accessibility — this new version is optimized for MacOS accessibility features, such as Voiceover

NEW PRO Feature! Find bad photos

  • Tame and organize photo libraries by finding bad, blurry, poorly lit, or identical-looking photo files and removing them

Improved cleaning and optimization

  • We’ve added a new and improved ‘Large Files’ section to ‘Clutter cleaning’ to make it even easier to save space
  • App uninstaller now detects programs which haven’t been started for some time as well as large programs that take up a significant chunk of storage. 

Updated support

  • Ready for Apple M1-based machines
  • Cleans even more browsers — ‘Browser Cleaner’ now supports Brave and Microsoft Edge 
  • CCleaner for Mac is now fully prepared for the latest version of macOS, Monterey