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No credit card needed — just install and go Start Free Scan

CCleaner crack 2022: what is it and where to find a free pro version?

CCleaner crack 2022 refers to our CCleaner Professional software that has been illegally placed on warez sites or BitTorrent. As you can see from the name the only similarity is in the name of our brand, CCleaner. We would never use the word crack in any of our products because it signifies cracked or pirated software. Of course, we only ever provide our legitimate and secure software on our website.

These rip-off versions, like CCleaner crack 2022, present a risk to anyone who downloads them. This goes for any cracked software that’s available online. That’s partly because some of the sites that promote pirated software can intentionally harm users’ computers by injecting malware into them.

What risks does cracked software pose?

On top of the dangers that visiting these unregulated sites pose, any pirated software (like CCleaner crack 2022) can be manipulated by hackers. This can have some very severe consequences for your data and computer such as:

  • malware or spyware on your computer
  • a virus
  • a ransomware attack
  • stolen website passwords or account details
  • personal data or files stolen
  • stolen credit card or bank information
  • other digital data stolen, like your web browsing history
  • a keylogger recording what you type so cybercriminals can blackmail you

None of these scenarios are fun and will cause you stress and probably some financial loss or complication. You should try and steer clear of any sites touting free software that is usually paid. How can you spot software cracking sites? Often, you’ll see they use the word “crack” in their title and URL. Sometimes they use more subtle names and might even have words like “genuine” in them.

The reality is that software companies won’t have words like “genuine” in their URL unless it’s part of their branding. For example, our homepage is The key takeaway here is to always download software directly from the company’s page or a trusted site that is authorized to distribute products on behalf of them.

Why do people want CCleaner crack 2022?

Users may stumble across CCleaner crack 2022 perfectly innocently or go looking for it. For those that search for it, it’s because they want a free copy of our popular CCleaner Professional package. Regardless, it doesn’t make sense to download out-of-date software. Even though it will be a version from last year, that’s a lifetime in the tech world.

Before January 2022 was out, our developers had already released a new version of the software. Keeping all of your software refreshed and current is paramount to your online security and computer’s performance. Users who download CCleaner crack 2022 won’t receive any of the important updates that we push out and it is already outdated so poses a risk.

Something else that’s new this year is our communal ideas board. We’re keen to hear from our customers to provide suggestions on future enhancements to CCleaner products. You’ll see that many of the ideas our customers have posted are already being planned for future releases.

What are the benefits of CCleaner Professional?

If you’re considering getting CCleaner Professional, you’ll be pleased to know that we offer a free 14-day trial for free. You may also like to know how it differs from our free CCleaner software in case that’s the right version for you.

Where can I get that free CCleaner Professional trial?

To start your free trial, you simply head to our CCleaner Professional page and click on “Free Trial”. You’ll then be guided through the set-up process and up and running in minutes. If you think that our free version sounds great you don’t need to trial it and can download and start using CCleaner right away.