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Defragment free space

Most people think of free space as a chunk of empty space on your hard drive. Over time, though, as Windows writes, modifies and deletes files on your hard drive, the free space on the drive will exist in various bits and pieces.

Why is this a problem? Fragmented free space leads to further fragmentation of your files. When Windows writes a new file to your hard drive, it may have to break it up if it can't find a large enough chunk of free space for it to fit in.

Defraggler enables you to defragment the free space on your hard drive - something no other free Windows defragger can do. By defragmenting free space, you will improve Windows' performance when writing new files. You'll also help prevent new files from being fragmented.

With another unique feature, Defraggler continues to be at the forefront of defragmentation technology.