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Проведите апгрейд до версии CCleaner Professional, которая включает автоматическое обновление и многое другое!

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Примечания к выпуску

v6.12.10490 (18 май 2023)

Taking the hassle out of PC maintenance 

  • Immediately after updating drivers (or after restarting your PC following an update), a report now highlights which drivers have been updated and any that may potentially cause issues – enabling users to revert some or all updates, or schedule a reminder to revert later. 

Fixing bugs and other improvements 

  • CCleaner now loads faster thanks to app startup optimization. 
  • Fixed issue which, in some cases, resulted in the incorrect message "Not supported product". 
  • Customize, Privacy, Space, Speed, and Security screens in Health Check now resize correctly according to the current window. 

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