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Obrigado por instalar o CCleaner!

Проведите апгрейд до версии CCleaner Professional, которая включает автоматическое обновление и многое другое!

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Примечания к выпуску

v5.87.9306 (16 ноя 2021)

Better cleaning

  • We’ve improved Microsoft Edge Chromium cache cleaning
  • We’ve added new cleaning for Windows Event Trace Log (ETL) files

A more helpful Driver Updater

  • The feature icon now tells you when there are driver updates available
  • We’ve fixed an issue that meant that some drivers would not update on the first attempt
  • We've fixed visual bugs that occur on high DPI screens or high zoom settings
  • Long driver names now display correctly in the app

Easier subscription management

  • We've added a new menu where you can manage your CCleaner subscription and discover other CCleaner products

Additional bug fixes

  • We've fixed an issue in Software Updater where some 32-bit software was incorrectly claiming updates were available
  • We've fixed some non-English display issues in Health Check

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