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Устали видеть такую рекламу? CCleaner Вrowser блокирует рекламу, скрывает вашу цифровую идентичность и ускоряет работу веб-сайтов. СКАЧАТЬ БЕСПЛАТНО

Благодарим за установку программы CCleaner!

Проведите апгрейд до версии CCleaner Professional, которая включает автоматическое обновление и многое другое!

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Примечания к выпуску

v5.77.8448 (18 фев 2021)

This version includes improvements to cleaning and improved visual design for product updates.

Note: We want everyone to enjoy using the latest and safest version of CCleaner, including people who may not have updated in some time. In the coming days and weeks, we will continue to bring customers on very old versions up to date so they can clean their machines safely. (Find out more)


  • Added Download History cleaning for Avast Secure Browser


  • Updated the visual design of the product update sequence
  • Fixed a bug where the system tray icon was displaying when it shouldn’t
  • Fixed a rare bug where Update Notifications would be shown when they shouldn’t


    • Improved support for screen readers in the purchase flow
    • Fixed a bug where the license information could be reset and lost

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