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Version History

v1.32.740 (21 May 2018)
- Improved SSD detection for newer SSD devices
- Improved SSD detection for laptops
- Added new Privacy menu
- Fixed a bug where the Speccy uninstaller was removing text and log files from the C: drive

v1.31.732 (04 Jul 2017)
- Improved Windows 10 Creators Update compatibility
- Updated GPU information and sensor tracking
- Improved 32-bit build architecture
- Improved localisation and languages support
- Minor GUI improvements
- Minor bug fixes

v1.30.730 (16 Nov 2016)
- Improved Windows 10 Anniversary Edition compatibility
- Updated support for latest Intel Kaby Lake processors
- Improved 64-bit build architecture
- Improved localisation support
- Minor GUI improvements
- Minor bug fixes

v1.29.714 (03 Dec 2015)
- Improved support for latest Intel Skylake and Broadwell processors
- Improved Windows 10 compatibility
- Improved Peripheral and Network Adaptor detection
- Updated hardware detection algorithm
- Improved localization and language support
- Minor GUI improvements
- Minor bug fixes

v1.28.709 (23 Jan 2015)
- Improved performance and stability on Windows 10
- Improved automatic check for updates
- Improved search accuracy
- Updated hardware compatibility list
- Minor tweaks and bug fixes
- Minor GUI improvements

v1.28.708 (21 Jan 2015)
- Improved performance and stability on Windows 10
- Improved automatic check for updates
- Improved search accuracy
- Updated hardware compatibility list
- Minor tweaks and bug fixes
- Minor GUI improvements

v1.27.703 (16 Dec 2014)
- Added Windows 10 compatibility
- Updated CPU detection for latest Intel i7 processors
- Improved Intel Series 9 and X99 chipset support
- Improved Windows Hotfixes grouping (Installed and Not Installed)
- Improved searching algorithm
- Minor bug fixes
- GUI improvements

v1.26.698 (29 Apr 2014)
- Added SMART attribute real values and statuses
- Restructured SMART attributes and RAM JEDEC data into grid view
- Improved Windows 8.1 compatibility
- Improved scriptable XML and TXT export support (Professional edition only)
- Improved Network Adaptor detection
- Improved localization and language support
- Minor GUI improvements
- Minor bug fixes

v1.25.674 (29 Jan 2014)
- Added ReadyBoost drive detection
- Improved Network Adapters list to show disabled adapters
- Improved available Wi-Fi networks detection
- Improved disk transfer mode detection accuracy
- Restructured CPU Core data into grid view
- Minor bug fixes
- Minor GUI improvements

v1.24.632 (14 Nov 2013)
- Added USB storage device detection
- Improved CPU and motherboard temperature reading accuracy
- Added option to skip User Account Control warning
- Added ability to refresh Speccy data
- Added option to start Speccy with Windows
- Enhanced hard drive information to include sector and track data
- Added scriptable parameters for XML and TXT data export (professional edition only)
- Improved network adaptor detection
- Improved debug mode notification
- Minor bug fixes and GUI improvements

v1.23.569 (09 Sep 2013)
- Improved hardware detection speed by 35%
- Added temperature readings to tray icon tooltip
- Introduced Raxco, Romex and Radeon Dataram RAM drives support
- Improved PCI bus width and characteristics detection
- Added Finnish translation
- Minor tweaks and bug fixes
- Minor GUI improvements

v1.22.537 (18 Jun 2013)
- Added Temperature sensor output to System Tray
- Added Read and Write capability information for Optical Drives
- Added Graphics Card Manufacturer and Model information
- Added support for newest Intel and AMD CPUs
- Added MAC addresses to the Network section
- Improved Computer Type detection for virtual machines
- Improved CPU and memory usage
- Minor bug fixes and GUI improvements

v1.21.491 (11 Apr 2013)
- Added support for multiple monitors
- Updated graphics card database to support new models
- Improved detection of RAM and memory slots
- Improved analysis of hard drive SMART data
- Improved SSD and large hard drive detection
- Added minimize to tray option
- Minor GUI improvements
- Minor bug fixes

v1.20.446 (22 Jan 2013)
- Added Internet Explorer version detection
- Added Java version detection
- Added Windows PowerShell version detection
- Added better SSD and large Hard Drive detection
- Improved Antivirus detection on Server OSs
- GUI improvements
- Minor detection bugs fixed

v1.19.411 (29 Nov 2012)
- Added Antivirus detection
- Added detection of Virtual Machines
- Added support for NVIDIA GeForce series 6 GPUs
- Added detection of Apple iPads
- Improved Windows 8 compatibility
- Improved analysis of CPU core and bus speeds for newer AMD CPUs
- Improved detection of Active Power Schemes
- Improved Power Profile detection in Windows 7
- Added Network Shares for Windows 2012 Server
- Fixed driver version numbers for some Intel GFX cards
- Improved vendor detection of Peripherals
- Added simplified Chinese language
- Minor bug fixes

v1.18.379 (20 Sep 2012)
- Added detection of .NET version
- Added Security Options to Operating System
- Improved calculation method for System Uptime
- Added Network Access to Sharing and Discovery
- Operating System language is now displayed in full
- Improved detection of hard drive manufacturers
- Improved analysis of Active Power Scheme
- Added support for 30 minute timezones
- Time zone now recognizes GMT and UTC as the same thing
- Time of last Windows update is now correctly interpreted
- Fixed issue that could cause the webcam manufacturer to be incorrectly reported
- 'Simple File Sharing' and 'File and Printer Sharing' are now correct on XP
- Fixed Wi-Fi SSID reporting on Windows 7
- Minor GUI improvements

v1.17.340 (11 Jul 2012)
- Added Computer type (Desktop, Laptop) to Operating System section
- Updated CPU detection for latest Intel Core i7 models
- Improved compatibility with LGA 2011 motherboards
- Added external drive information to Peripherals
- Improved detection of Sharing and Discovery for printers
- Improved exception handling
- Added language support for Kurdish
- Minor tweaks and fixes

v1.16.317 (01 Mar 2012)
- Added Windows 8 beta support
- Rearchitecting data loading order
- Improved exception handling for CPU and GFX sections
- Improved detection of Admin Shares
- Improved bug data collection and reporting
- Fixed minor GUI issues

v1.15.309 (24 Jan 2012)
- Added list of Admin Shares
- Added Simple File Sharing detection
- Added Firewall rules to Network
- Improved detection of OCZ SSD drives
- Improved detection of ATI graphics cards
- Fixed bug on XP caused by disabled IPv6
- Added keyboard support to the Find dialog
- Updated hardware compatibility list
- Minor bug fixes

v1.14.288 (24 Nov 2011)
- Improved detection of new SSD drives
- Added System Folders to Operating System
- Added OpenGL data to Graphics
- Added Uptime information to Operating System
- Added extra Hotfix info to Operating System
- Added detailed Printer information
- Improved display of SMART Power on count
- Improved layout of data when printing
- Various hardware compatibility improvements
- Latvian and Serbian languages added
- Minor bug fixes

v1.13.276 (18 Oct 2011)
- Added TCP Connections to Network
- Improved reporting of Hard Drive data: buffer size, firmware, rotation rate, standards and features
- New video card database
- Tweaks to Virtual memory calculation
- Improved detection of PCI-Express slots
- Improved searching algorithm
- Stability fix to background update checking
- Minor bug fixes

v1.12.265 (24 Aug 2011)
- Added detection of software RAID
- Added list of running processes to Operating System
- Added list of Environment Variables to Operating System
- Improved detection of temperature on newer NVIDIA cards
- Fixed bug that could cause virtual memory to be incorrectly calculated
- Improvements to PCI data interpretation
- Added background check for updates
- Added wildcards to search (* and ?)
- Fixed bug that could incorrectly report SATA drives as ATA
- Scheduled tasks should no longer be missing items
- Fixed rare hang with older motherboard types

v1.11.256 (06 Jun 2011)
- Stability and speed fixes on Windows 7 SP1
- Improved detection of Norton Internet Security 2011
- Fixed issue that caused incorrect reporting of the UAC notify levels
- Improved schedule task reporting in Windows 7 SP1
- Fixed bug in RAM calculation
- Added IP validation to the network section
- Fixed accuracy of virtual memory calculation
- Fixed highlighting issue with Find feature
- Fixed issue that could cause the CPU to be listed multiple times

v1.10.248 (11 Apr 2011)
- Added Find feature
- Snapshot (.speccy) files are now associated with Speccy.exe
- Improved detection of Antivirus applications
- Improved reading of motherboard system temperatures
- Fixed bug that could cause DLL not to initialize on some older systems
- Improved accuracy of Network Shares in Vista and Windows 7
- Improved memory management in graph rendering
- UPS Battery Time Remaining format is now easier to read (hh:mm:ss)
- Lots of language tweaks
- Minor bug fixes

v1.09.231 (01 Mar 2011)
- Added Windows 7 SP1 support
- Added Fan speed and Virtualization to CPU
- Added Voltages to Motherboard
- Added Shaders and Performance levels to Graphics
- Added Hotfixes to Operating System
- Improved stability of battery estimation
- Added support for multiple network controllers
- Fixed crash that could happen with no network controllers
- Stability improvements to the memory usage and RAM graphs
- Better recognition of Intel 64-bit instruction extensions
- Improved socket reading for Foxcon components
- Better filtering of Peripherals to prevents duplicates
- Minor fixes for GeForce 260 GTX cards
- Numerous other small fixes

v1.08.218 (20 Jan 2011)
- New information in Operating System:
TimeZone, Power Profile, Scheduler, Services, Device Tree
- New information in Network:
Sharing and Discovery, Network Shares List,
Computer Name, Remote Desktop
- Improved drive size recognition for some Hitachi drives
- Added Physical Memory to RAM section
- Added PCI Data to Motherboard section
- Added a credit for translators
- Minor bug fixes
- GUI improvements

v1.07.205 (19 Nov 2010)
- Improved hardware detection speeds
- Fixed SATA interface detection issues
- Improved detection of removable drives
- Information from the Windows Security Center
- Windows Defender status
- Windows 7 compatibility fixes
- General usability improvements
- Various stability fixes
- Online Help link

v1.06.191 (22 Oct 2010)
- Major rewrite of Hard Disk interface detection
- Improved Network section (DHCP status, IP address, NetBIOS status)
- Improved Graphics Card detection
- Fixed bug that could cause some Sound Cards to be ignored
- Minor tweaks and improvements

v1.05.183 (23 Sep 2010)
- Support for newest Intel and AMD CPUs
- Added GFX driver version to summary panel
- Improved NVidia SLI status detection
- Hard disk info now includes serial number
- Improved HD drive type detection for AMD Phenom motherboards
- Added "Check for updates" link to status bar
- Internet connection test added
- Added support for Hungarian language
- Uninstall now removes older 32-bit installations correctly
- Improved uninstall to remove dmp and log files
- Minor tweaks and improvements

v1.04.173 (23 Aug 2010)
- Added native 64-bit EXE
- Added multiple user support to the installer
- Improved handling of graphics driver version numbers
- Added ability to print individual sections
- Improved stability on Windows 7
- Improved support for some older USB 1.0 peripherals
- Added right click > "Copy to Clipboard" option
- Minor tweaks and fixes

v1.03.162 (15 Jul 2010)
- Added Save to Text file option
- Added Print feature
- Improved support for XP Media Center
- Fixed rare crash on computers with more than 32GB RAM
- Added support for additional Peripherals
- Minor GUI improvements
- Minor stability fixes
- Added support for Albanian, Georgian, German, Hebrew,
Portuguese, Slovak, Turkish and Vietnamese

v1.02.156 (07 Jun 2010)
- Publish to web feature added
- AGP speed now displayed correctly
- Added OS serial number to OS spec
- Added number of RAM slots to RAM section
- Various stability fixes
- Minor bug fixes and GUI tweaks

v1.01.132 (23 Apr 2010)
- First full non-beta release
- Multi-language support added- note only English in this installer
- Save settings to INI added
- Standardized on sentence case for labels
- Improved large font support
- Lots of minor text tweaks and stability fixes

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