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Release Announcements

When you use Recuva, you have the choice of two types of scans: a regular scan, which will find most recently-deleted files, and a deep scan that can really scour your hard drives, but takes a lot longer.

In v1.33 of Recuva, we've worked on increasing the speed of the deep scan, and we're happy to report that it runs up to 25% faster than previous versions. If you can't recover your files using the standard scan, you can now run the deep scan in much less time.

The full change log is below:

  • Added support for non-standard sector size in Windows 7.
  • 25% improvement in deep scan speed.
  • Fixed bug when multi-selecting items in thumbnail view.
  • Fixed repaint problem with thumbnail view.
  • Fixed problem with file list view not display icons correctly.
  • Added translator information to About Screen.
  • Added Georgian translation.

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