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Release Announcements

In this new release of Recuva we've optimized and improved a lot with new our new internal testing systems.

Including a new portable U3 installer and better exFAT support.

The mildy sad news is that we've had to drop support for Windows 98. The benefit of this is that we can remove the old compatibility code we had to write to support it. This code slowed down the program on newer OSs.

The end result is a more compact, faster, fully unicode (and 100% Windows 7 compatible) Recuva!

The full change log is below:

  • Improved analysis of exFAT drives.
  • Added U3 portable installer.
  • GUI fixes for non-standard DPI (large fonts).
  • Improved error messages for files that cannot be overwritten.
  • Dropped support for Windows 98 to improve performance.
  • Fixed bug in language selection.
  • Minor bug fixes.

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