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Release Announcements

Recuva now has a separate EXE for running natively on 64-bit OSs. This will allow it to run faster and more efficiently on Vista 64-bit.

Additionally - Now that the Windows 7 Release Candidate is out and free for download, we're sure that a lot of you have bitten the bullet and are getting to know it.
Windows 7 does things a bit differently than previous versions of Windows, and sometimes stores files in different locations. This release improves Recuva's support for Windows 7.

The full change log is below:

  • Added native 64-bit support.
  • Added support for exFAT drives.
  • Improved Windows 7 support.
  • Fixed browse issue with the Wizard in Win98.
  • Fixed a few other Win98 issues.
  • Minor UI tweaks.

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