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Release Announcements

Following on the heels of our Recuva release adding support for the iPod, we're happy to provide v1.24 - an ongoing maintenance release.

If you're been using Recuva on your iPod, you'll find this version to be more stable. It's also more accurate and successful at recovering files.

Each time we release new versions of Recuva, we add in bits and bobs – better performance, more stability, and some interface clean-up. Here are the details for this version:

  • Added iPod support to the wizard.
  • Extra files removed when cancelling recovery from iPod.
  • Added support for recovery from the logfile in Deep Scan.
  • .DMP files are now only created in debug mode or for unsigned exes.
  • Secure Delete feature renamed to Secure Overwrite.
  • Improved error messages when attempting to scan removable drives.
  • Improved support of virtual machines in Deep Scan.
  • Various text changes.

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