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Release Announcements

A new build of Defraggler is ready! Our developers have been busy at work adding full support for Windows 8. Not only this, but Defraggler v2.11 includes some much asked for features like minimize to system tray, and a right-click option to move files to the end of the Drive.

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Release notes:
  • Added support for Windows 8.
  • Added Minimize to Tray.
  • Added right-click Move File to end of Drive feature.
  • Improvements to Free space calculation.
  • Fixed exclusions in df.exe.
  • SSD drives are now handled correctly when drives are queued for defrag.
  • Improved drive map block calculation for very small drives.
  • Shortcuts are now correctly interpreted when calculating fragmentation levels.
  • Improved support for /minpercent parameter for df.exe.
  • Minor GUI improvements.
  • Minor bug fixes.

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