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Release Announcements

With v1.18 of Defraggler, we've fixed many small bugs and also have optimized some of Defraggler's features. When you're defragging a large number of small files, we've massively improved the defragmentation speed!
Also the 64-bit version of Defraggler now uses far less memory when running.

Here's the change log:
  • Optimized and bug fixed defrag with large numbers of small files.
  • Optimized 64-bit memory usage.
  • Drive map is no longer blocked by background operations.
  • Simplified the drive map highlighting to make it faster and more memory efficient.
  • Fixed control sizes on file search form.
  • Fixed issue with exclude files dialog.
  • Fixed a few missing translations.
  • Fixed bug displaying filenames containing ampersands.
  • Improved memory leak detection mechanism.
  • Lots of minor bug fixes.

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