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Release Announcements

Defraggler 1.14 is a small release with two important changes. We've improved one of the ways Defraggler works, and we've added a new feature.

Recycle Bin emptying - It's always wise to empty your Recycle Bin before you defragment. Not only does this free up space on your hard drive, but it gives Defraggler more room to move and reorganize files for optimum speed and efficiency. Defraggler v1.14 now automatically prompts you to do so.

Improved Master File Table handling - The Master File Table (MFT) contains an index of where your files live on the hard drive. By nature it's fixed, and Defraggler can't move it. With this program update, Defraggler handles the files located just around the MFT much more efficiently, so you'll be able to access those files faster in the future.

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Here's the full list of changes:
  • Added 'Empty recycle bin option' before defrag.
  • Improved placement of files around MFT.
  • Fixed incorrect defrag button behavior (defrag checked and highlighted while using tabstop).
  • Fixed crash occurring after pressing defrag button.
  • Fixed tab order on cleanup drive dialog.
  • Added Run Defraggler option after installation.
  • Added Estonian support.

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