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Release Announcements

1. Quick Defrag

Defragmentation is a great way to speed up your PC, but it can also take a fair bit of time. If you remember to start Defraggler before you go to sleep, you'll have a faster PC in the morning.

If you run Defraggler (or any defrag program) while you continue to work, though, you'll notice a slight decrease in performance. Now there's a way for you to do a faster, less involved defrag whenever you want.

Introducing Defraggler's Quick Defrag. When you use the Quick Defrag option, Defraggler will operate about 3-4 times faster. The compromise, though, is that it won't use the most intensive, optimal algorithm to reorganize your files. Defraggler still works the same way. Once you're ready to defrag, either click the Defrag button, or click the down-arrow next to it and select Quick Defrag.

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2. exFAT compatibility

If you use the new exFAT file system for your flash drives under Windows Vista SP1, you'll be pleased to know that Defraggler now has 100% support for exFAT.

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Here's the full list of changes:

  • Added Quick Defrag feature.
  • Added exFAT compatibility.
  • Architecture changes to improve defrag performance.
  • Improved placement of most commonly used files.
  • Various UI tweaks.

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