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Release Announcements

We're pleased to announce the latest release of CCleaner for Windows.

In this release, we’ve improved cleaning for Edge, and added support for 'feature previews'.

Browser Cleaning

  • Added workaround for cleaning Edge while in the ‘suspended’ state on Windows 10, build 1809. This workaround is temporary while we consider a more permanent solution.
  • Fixed cleaning of Edge cookies in Windows 10
  • Fixed a bug where cleaning Firefox Internet History would corrupt the profile

Feature Previews

CCleaner now supports the release of new features still in development to a limited audience for testing. ‘Feature Previews’ help us to uncover more difficult-to-find technical issues across a wide variety of system configurations prior to the official release of a new feature. For example, if a new feature is misbehaving, we can disable it completely while we fix it.

In the future we will add support for opting out of feature previews, so if you’re not interested in potentially being selected for this, you can remain on version 5.47 for the time being.

  • Added support for ‘feature previews’
  • Keep your eyes peeled for forthcoming feature previews!


  • Renewed our digital security certificate as the previous one was due to expire.
  • The certificate publisher has been updated from ‘Piriform Ltd.’ to ‘Piriform Software Ltd.’

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