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Release Announcements

Summer is almost officially over now, but that doesn't mean our development team have slowed down. This month's release contains several important performance optimizations, along with better browser support for Google Chrome and Firefox. Additionally we're working hard on CCleaner version 4.0 - we'll be releasing details shortly!

Or if you're a CCleaner Professional user, your installation will update automatically!

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  • Improved performance for Windows 8.
  • Improved memory usage and shutdown time.
  • Added support for Firefox 16.
  • Added Google Chrome DNS Prefetch cleaning.
  • Added Google Chrome journal and tmp file cleaning.
  • Improved Publisher discovery in Startup Tool.
  • Improved support for Run Once actions in Startup Tool.
  • Improved file deletion security.
  • Added support for CoolNovo formerly ChromePlus.
  • Minor GUI improvements.
  • Minor bug fixes.

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