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Release Announcements

Windows 7 was released on October 22, and whether you're a new user or waiting with an older version of Windows, we've got new features and fixes for CCleaner that will improve your system optimization experience.

We've made lots of other improvements which are listed below:

CCleaner v2.25.1025

  • Improved Windows 7 jump list cleaning.
  • Improved Windows 7 thumbnail cache cleaning.
  • Added support for Windows Server 2008 R2.
  • Improved 64-bit support and performance.
  • Fixed issue with Windows 7 task scheduler.
  • Fixed issue with Startup tool, displaying incorrect folder contents.
  • Added support for AVG Antivirus 9.0.
  • Added support for ExcludeKey in INI files.
  • Improved support for wildcards and RECURSE/REMOVESELF.
  • Fixed minor GUI bugs in non-English versions.
  • Fixed minor GUI usability issues.
  • Improved input validation.
  • Lots of minor bugs fixed.

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