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Release Announcements

This new release of our flagship product CCleaner adds various new features, speed improvements and bug fixes.

CCleaner v2.08.588

  • Added Startup tool enable/disable checkbox.
  • Fixed problem with Vista "low" folders being removed.
  • Improved index.dat detection on multiple scans.
  • Secure deletion improved with IE History index.dat files.
  • Added OS detection to INI files.
  • Added Vista Thumbnail Cache cleaning.
  • Added ImgBurn cleaning.
  • Added Secure deletion to "Recent Documents" cleaning.
  • Improved Vista "Recent Documents" cleaning.
  • Fixed bug with Chkdsk chk files not being removed.
  • Added "Select all" checkbox to header of Registry cleaner.
  • Added sorting to Startup tool listview.
  • Fixed Vista 64 issue with Startup tool.
  • Added Croatian translation.
  • Minor tweaks and GUI improvements.

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