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Release Announcements

The new CCleaner 2.0 beta has been updated.

CCleaner v2.00.491 Beta 2

  • Added support for Firefox HttpOnly cookies.
  • Fixed symbolic languages not displaying correctly.
  • Added translation of new v2.0 features into other languages.
  • Fixed bug in Hotfix Uninstaller cleaning that left empty folders.
  • Fixed bug in Temporary Files cleaning that left empty folders.
  • Installer now supports parameters like /L=1033 for language selection.
  • New installer routines to prevent false positives by antivirus programs.
  • Cookies list in Options now refreshes correctly.
  • Fixed bug in automatic update checker.
  • Improved Options-Exclude Registry key entry format.
  • Fixed empty message box in Uninstaller Tool.
  • Improved IE7 history cleaning when IE is open.
  • Minor tweaks and fixes.

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