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CCleaner for Mac Released

Following up on our previous announcement. We're pleased to announce that CCleaner for Mac has been released as a public beta version. We're working on more features and anticipate new releases every few weeks, with a final version out in a month or two.

As this is a beta version, we recommend it for advanced users only.
OS support covers Mac OSX 10.5 and 10.6, along with all current versions of Firefox and Safari.

You can download now from www.ccleaner.com/mac/ccleaner.

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CCleaner for Mac


Great news for Apple Mac owners out there. CCleaner for Mac will be released as a public beta version for everyone to download in the next few days!

Support for other operating systems and hardware is one of the most frequent questions we get emailed about. So we're starting out first with a Mac version.

Stay tuned to our Mac website at www.ccleaner.com/mac for download and update details as they become available.

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CCleaner Network Edition

We introduced you to CCleaner Network Edition a week ago and we're pleased to announce that the final version has been released!

This advanced version of CCleaner is specifically designed for installation on corporate networks. With an extensive admin interface to ease the installation and deployment across the enterprise.

For more information about CCleaner Network Edition, click here.

To download a trial version, click here.

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New Year, New Products

Piriform A belated happy new year from everyone at Piriform!

To start 2011 we have a new product announcement for our ever expanding set of business users.

Introducing CCleaner Network Edition! An advanced version of CCleaner specifically designed for installation on corporate networks. With a comprehensive administrator interface to handle deployment, analysis and cleaning.
We just perfecting a few final features (with the help of our excellent beta testers) and will publicly release later this month.
Click here for more info and screenshots

Secondly... we're not forgetting our core set of home users, so we're hard working on 2 new titles to satisfy your demand for free, high-quality, compact software! :)
We're not giving away any details yet, as features and titles haven't been finalized, but we'll post all the info as and when we set the release dates.

For more information about CCleaner Network Edition click here.

And have a great 2011! :)

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Consumer Support for all Titles

Piriform We have received lots of positive feedback about our Premium Business Support. However, one frequent request was to add support for non-business users as well.

What a great suggestion!

Starting today we shall be changing from our optional Donation model to an optional Paid Support model. Meaning that as well as helping fund the software development, you also get direct support from the Piriform team!

To download and purchase support click here

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