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Release Announcements

Agomo: CCleaner and more in the cloud

Last month we announced the beta phase of our latest product, Agomo. Bringing our award-winning software to the cloud, Agomo lets you clean, defrag, and monitor your computers from anywhere!

We've released the first round of beta accounts and have been busy behind the scenes getting ready for the next round. So far we've had a ton of positive feedback and our beta group seems as excited about Agomo as we are.

If you're still waiting for your invitation, hold tight – we'll be releasing some more beta accounts soon. If you haven't signed up for your beta account yet, visit and register your email address:

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Sneak a peek at Agomo

Agomo uses our patented optimization technology, so you can:

  • Speed up and secure your computer with CCleaner
  • Defrag your hard disk with Defraggler
  • Add and remove programs
  • Monitor system stats, components, memory, disk space, and more

Cleaning in Agomo:

Defragging in Agomo:

Find out more about what Agomo can do for you!

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