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Release Announcements

In this release, we have added a new, alternative cleaning flow. ‘Easy Clean’ uses everyday language and simple explanations to guide users through the cleaning process (read more about Easy Clean here). For our more technical users, we have added management of Windows Services to the ‘Startup’ screen.

Easy Clean

  • NEW! Simplified cleaning flow: ‘Easy Clean’
  • Original ‘Cleaner’ renamed to ‘Custom Clean’

Software Updater

  • Software Updater now confirms when there are no pending updates

Startup Management

  • Added a new tab in ‘Startup’ to manage Windows Services

Settings & Preferences

  • Users can now choose ‘Easy Clean’ or ‘Custom Clean’ as their preferred home screen


  • Have made steps to address the ‘Error opening file for writing’ bug by improving termination of existing CCleaner processes prior to install

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