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CCleaner v5.41

We'd like to announce the latest release of CCleaner for Windows. In this release, we’re pleased to introduce a new Cleaning Summary screen.

As part of a long-term commitment to usability, we looked at the way we show cleaning results and decided that a single, fixed results screen wasn’t useful to all our users. This new screen delivers cleaning results in a more meaningful way to our less technical users, so that they can understand the value of regularly cleaning their PC. Its product tips section will help all our users discover some of the other useful features CCleaner has to offer.

We hope you like it but if you prefer to keep the old style, simply enable the 'Show Cleaner results as a file list' preference in the Advanced Options menu. If this setting is already enabled, the new Cleaning Summary screen will not be displayed.

If you have suggestions for what you'd like to see next in CCleaner, please drop by our forums and let us know in our suggestions area.


  • NEW! Cleaning results now displayed as a Cleaning Summary (Free and Professional versions only)
  • NEW! Product tips to help users discover less visible features
  • NEW! Fresh, clean Upgrade page design

Browser Cleaning

  • Edge/Internet Explorer: Fixed cleaning of cookie and icon file types on Windows 10 (thanks alhazred & Judesman for reporting this via our forum!)


  • Added improved Estonian translations (thanks to our volunteer translator ProPaan!)


  • Added support for Sciter: a lightweight, embeddable HTML/CSS/script engine for modern UI development


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You can download CCleaner Free here.

Fancy a few more features? Download the CCleaner Professional trial version here

If you are already a CCleaner Professional user your installation will update automatically.

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CCleaner Cloud v1.09


After months of development work we’re pleased to introduce a new version of CCleaner Cloud!

Version 1.09 brings a new feature (exclusive to CCleaner Cloud Business users) and some performance improvements across all versions of CCleaner Cloud (Free, Pro and Business).



  • New grouping structure for improved endpoint management (Business only)
  • New streamlined signup process


  • Enhanced character limit for improved password strength


  • Improved optimization process for SSDs
  • Improved infrastructure to deliver better monitoring and stability
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Minor bug fixes

If you are already a CCleaner Cloud user your version will update automatically when you next log in.


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CCleaner Cloud keeps your network fast, safe and up to date - at work, home, or on the move. 
Businesses can try it free for 14 days (no credit card details required).

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