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Release Announcements

After more than a year in development, we're really excited to unveil our brand new product: Agomo!

Agomo brings the power of our award-winning software to the cloud – letting you clean, defrag and monitor your computers from anywhere, using your browser.

So whether you're in a coffee shop, at a hotel, or getting some quality sofa time, you can keep up with your PC maintenance.

Agomo's in beta right now and we're giving out a limited number of invitations over the next few weeks. Want to try it out?

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Agomo More about Agomo

Simply install the compact and highly secure Agomo client onto all your computers, then you can:

  • Speed up and secure your computer with the power of CCleaner!
  • Defrag your hard disk with Defraggler technology.
  • Add and remove programs.
  • Maintain and optimize your PCs from a single point!
  • Monitor system stats, components, memory, disk space, and much more!

When Piriform started, we set out to create the fastest and most efficient desktop products to make computers cleaner, safer and faster. We're now looking to do the same from the web, but we need your help and suggestions to improve. Sign up today for access to the beta version of Agomo and help shape the future of computer optimization!

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