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CCleaner 3.09

Our developers have been working hard on CCleaner this month, now that both Firefox and Chrome are being updated on a more frequent basis. This summer release adds Firefox 6.0 support and improved customizations for our advanced users.


  • Added Firefox 6.0 beta support.
  • Added HTML5 Offline cache cleaning and management for Firefox.
  • Added wildcard support to folders.
  • (i.e. "Include1=PATH|%AppData%\*\|*.txt|RECURSE" or FileKey1=%AppData%\?*e|*.txt|RECURSE)
  • Added convertion of custom file entry to folder when using wildcard.
  • Added cleaning for Zune, BreezeBrowser Pro, FastStone Image Viewer, Notepad++ and NoteXpad.
  • Improved cleaning for Real Player.
  • Improved Chrome Saved Form Information and Saved Passwords cleaning.
  • Improved Enabling/Disabling StartUp items.
  • Improved icons detection for Uninstall screen.
  • Improved drag-and-drop functionality for Include/Exclude screen.
  • Improved localization support.
  • Improved StartUp items discovery.
  • Improved memory handling and garbage collection.
  • Minor UI tweaks.

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CCleaner for Mac Beta 2

We're pleased to announce the second beta version of CCleaner for Mac is available to download. We've been making great headway with development and thanks to everyone who's reported bugs or suggested features! :)

Change log:

  • Added cleaning of system and non-system application caches.
  • Added cleaning of system, user and all user logs.
  • Lots of UI tweaks and bug fixes.

As this is a beta version, we recommend it for advanced users only.
OS support covers Mac OSX 10.5 and 10.6, along with all current versions of Firefox and Safari.

You can download now from

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Defraggler v2.06

Defraggler has been updated to version 2.06. This new build improves on various features suggested by our users, as well as a few things we've been working on for a while. Enjoy! :)

Change log:
  • Added advanced options to schedule (timeout, idle time).
  • Fragmentation calculation can now be customized.
  • Improvements to file placement algorithms.
  • Defraggler can now be assigned as the default defrag tool for Windows.
  • Added enable/disable shell extension.
  • Fixed issue that could cause df.exe to abort unexpectedly.
  • Scheduler now displays the time it last ran.
  • Improvements to non-English translations.
  • Fixed incorrect tab-stop order in scheduler dialog.
  • Added support for Kurdish language.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Download Defraggler now from

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