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CCleaner v3.07

Get it whilst it's hot! The new CCleaner release, version 3.07, is out and available for download. We've been working on existing cleaning features and also adding better Flash Player support, so you can clean and manage the site settings on an individual domain level.

Change Log:

  • Added Flash Player SOL setting file cleaning and management.
  • Added Safari Icon history cleaning.
  • Added cleaning for Windows Elevated Diagnostics.
  • Added cleaning for Kantaris Media Player, KMPlayer, Orbit Downloader, Pando, Sandboxie and Snagit.
  • Improved cleaning for XFire, Real Player, Windows Log Files, Macromedia Shockwave 10 and 11.
  • Improved Google Chrome thumbnails and favicons cleaning.
  • Improved Google Chrome Saved Form Information cleaning.
  • Improved Google Chrome Save Passwords cleaning.
  • Improved Opera Last Download Location cleaning.
  • Improved Remote Desktop cleaning.
  • Improved Recent Documents cleaning.
  • Improved Exclusion functionality for Registry cleaning.
  • Improved Registry cleaning for Windows Services.
  • Improved Drive Wiper functionality and feedback.
  • Fixed bug in Cookie importing/exporting.
  • Minor translation fixes.

You can download now from www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner

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CCleaner for Mac


Great news for Apple Mac owners out there. CCleaner for Mac will be released as a public beta version for everyone to download in the next few days!

Support for other operating systems and hardware is one of the most frequent questions we get emailed about. So we're starting out first with a Mac version.

Stay tuned to our Mac website at www.ccleaner.com/mac for download and update details as they become available.

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Defraggler v2.05

With new builds of our products coming out each month, we begin each release cycle discussing what features we need to focus on. This month it was speed!
So drive scanning and large file defrag should have some noticeable improvements in build v2.05 :)
(Of course we also factor in any bug fixes our users send us.)

Change log:
  • Improved defrag speed of large files in 32-bit OSs.
  • Improved drive analysis speed.
  • Improved Solid State drive detection.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect position of Defraggler item in file/folder context menu.
  • Added option to enable/disable shell extension.
  • Fixed problem with df.exe sometimes aborting.
  • Fixed file type exclusion bug.
  • Added support for the Kurdish language.
  • Added last scheduled defrag information.
  • Shell extension fixed to work correctly with UAC.
  • Translation fixes.
  • Online Help link fixed.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Download Defraggler now from www.ccleaner.com/defraggler

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