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Piriform Pear At Piriform we've always focused on creating the best software for our users. Whilst we won't change this, we have been neglecting a large section of our audience - which are business users.

Many companies' have policies that restrict the use of free software that's unsupported. We get emails every week from businesses wanting a corporate supported version, otherwise they can't use CCleaner or any of our other titles.

We never like to hear of users not being able to use our software, so in a few weeks we'll be releasing additional versions with support. Our existing titles and licensing will remain the same, so you'll still be able to download and use our great free software.

If you would like to learn more about our business software and support, please sign up for our corporate newsletter.

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CCleaner v2.32

As other companies release new and updated versions of their software, we're continually improving CCleaner to be able to clean them. With this release we've added support for Microsoft Office 2010 cleaning.

CCleaner v2.32.1165
  • Added support for Microsoft Office 2010.
  • Added Opera search field history cleaning.
  • Added Real Player SP cleaning.
  • Added "Analyze" and "Clean" context menu options to rule tree parent nodes.
  • Added "Restore default settings" button to Advanced Options.
  • Improved Opera favicons cleaning.
  • Improved support for Media Player Classic.
  • Improved cleaning of shortcuts on 64-bit machines.
  • Improve localization support.
  • Fixed bug with Russian translation.
  • Minor bug fixes.
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Defraggler v1.19

With Defraggler v1.19, we've added a couple of great new features and optimized the way the program works, as well as the usual tweaks and fixes.

You can now set Defraggler to defragment multiple drives. To select multiple drives in the drive list, click the first drive, and then CTRL+click the other drives to be defragmented. The drives will be defragmented in the order they appear in the drive list, from top, down.

Here's the full change log:
  • Added queueing of multiple drives.
  • New option to disable caching of drive analysis data to improve memory usage.
  • Improved placement of files in Quick Defrag algorithm.
  • Improved Windows 7 support.
  • Lots of other small tweaks and fixes.

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