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CCleaner v2.29

Version 2.29 of CCleaner is faster, more compatible, and detects more applications… just another day in the life of the Piriform team!

For those of you who use the advanced features, you'll also appreciate the improvements we've made in these areas. Read on.

Multiple File Types in one Include/Exclude entry

Prior to CCleaner v2.29, if you wanted to specify file types in CCleaner's INI file using Include or Exclude, you had to specify each file type on a separate line. This had the effect of slowing CCleaner down, since it had to run multiple scans.
With v2.29, you can now specify multiple file types within a single Include or Exclude line. Here's the syntax:


Where TYPE is PATH, FILE or REG.

(If you add RECURSE, CCleaner will include items in the stated path as well as its subfolders. This is only supported for the Include command, not the Exclude command.)

Full change log:

CCleaner v2.29.1111

  • Improved speed when loading Cleaner screen.
  • Improved Registry Cleaner speed when displaying issues.
  • Improved Registry Cleaner performance when fixing issues.
  • Changed Wipe MFT Free Space to run before Wipe Disk Free Space.
  • Improved Include and Exclude screen when browsing for folders and files.
  • Added Recursive support to Custom folders in Include screen.
  • Added support to specify multiple file types for Custom folders in Include screen and INI files.
  • Improved how Language Resource DLLs are loaded into memory.
  • Improved application detection algorithm.
  • Improved internal communication between process threads.
  • Improved file scanning when scanning system folders.
  • Improved Windows 7 and IE8 support.
  • Minor GUI text changes.

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Defraggler v1.17

We've spent the start of the year tidying up and tweaking Defraggler so it's faster, better-behaved, and is just improved all-around - especially in Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

Here's the full change log:
  • Improved Windows 7 support.
  • Rearchitected memory management on Vista/W7.
  • Improved handling of scheduled tasks.
  • Fixed Vista redraw issue with the search box.
  • Improved button size and placement for non-English translations.
  • Added support for wildcards in the search feature.
  • Lots of other little tweaks and fixes.

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Speccy Beta 108

The beta version of our new tool Speccy has been updated to include the following features:

  • Added text highlighting and copying.
  • .Speccy files now contain a checksum.
  • Improved filtering of duplicate peripherals.
  • Improved support for graphics temperatures.
  • Added /debug mode to help with bug fixing.
  • Lots of small stability fixes and graphics tweaks.

Speccy is currently available as a beta download, so we only recommend this for advanced users. A final release will be made available in a few weeks time.

For more information on Speccy, what it will do for you and to download visit

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Recuva v1.35

Recuva has been improved for the new year! Even if it is a month later than the other products. :)

The full change log is below:

  • Improved NTFS scanning algorithm.
  • Startup time improved with better memory management.
  • Added Compressed file type to Wizard.
  • Up and down keys now working correctly in the filter control.
  • GUI text changes.

Download now from

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