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Release Announcements

Following yesterdays update, we're releasing a new build of Defraggler. This release includes a flexible scheduler, so you can specify exactly when you want Defraggler to run, this includes when the computer is idle. Meaning you can set it, then every time you go to lunch your computer will defrag! :)

Change log:
  • New Scheduler - Set a defrag on login, idle or specific intervals.
  • Improved memory use on Windows 7 with lots of files.
  • Improved placement of large files on exFAT.
  • Improved caching of column sort options.
  • Fixed prompt when attempting to empty the recycle bin on Vista 64.
  • Added link to online docs (Help - Online Help).
  • Added hot-key for Quick Defrag.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Download Defraggler v2.01 now from

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